Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coward Tin Badge Deputy and the Murder of Debbie Rediess

In Iowa Deputy Randall Creek was arrested for the execution style slaying of his former girlfriend Debbie Rediess in Kentucy.

Sunday morning, the the woman's driveway, there stood the Cowardly Deputy as he filled her body with bullets and then left the scene.

His words are disturbing on so many levels. In the majority of Abuse cases police officer related or not, the offender must always point to a reason for their cowardly actions.

Sadly, the execution style murder of Debbie Rediess because she was dating someone new. Debbie Rediess Moved out and away from the controlling abusive Deputy.

He was angry they were not together any longer, plain and simple.

Deputy Creek sent an e-mail about the murder to WBKO and dozens of other people, including
Some parts of the e-mail have been edited.

"I want to say how sorry I am for what happened but what's done is done. Let's talk about how we got to this point in my life. I dated Debbie Rediess for 5 years and I loved her very much. She constantly wanted to change me throughout our dating period but I never satisfied her completely.

I treated her like a queen compared to her ex-husband ---- --------. We went on nice vacations, concerts, ballgames, sports bars, etc. all the time. She broke up with me on our 5 year anniversary but she still had lunch dates with me the past couple of months and continued to hug, kiss and hold hands.

When I assasinated her in her driveway her new boyfriend aka "Billy Ray Cyrus" saw me and he was scared off his --- and ran into the house like a smart human being. I am not running to get away but I am going to make the KSP earn their money on this one. I have called and now e-mailed everyone to give them leads so when we finally meet up I will cuff up like a man or as Deputy Tim Phillips of the Simpson County Jail calls it 'being 21 about it'.

FYI - I have never been armed after the encounter and there will be no chase or struggle I assure you.

Finally, I love Andre' my 19 year old handsome son more than anything in this world and I hope you great things with your life. Love to Andre', my mother, my brother,------------, and all of my other friends and family. This is what the US Army has produced a Desert Storm killer and there will be more like me I assure you.
"Randall Creek"


Anonymous said...

He loved her very much despite the tragic death. He was sick in the head suffering from depression after they broke up.

This is very complicated for all involved. I pray Randall receives the help he needs.

Blue Angel said...

The most dangerous time is when a woman leaves a person who has been abusing her. Also very dangerous to begin dating someone especially when you live near the person. They stalk you and harass you to return.

Prayers to the Rediess family at this time.

Florida said...

Susan this is very tragic-continue making people away of the plight of women especially those married to law enforcement- Connie, Flordia

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