Thursday, September 18, 2008

Texas EquuSearch Needs Your Assistance

By: Susan Murphy-Milano

It has come to my attention that Hurricane Ike has done extensive damage to Texas Equusearch. On their Web site this evening it says: "Due to hurricane Ike the Texas EquuSearch headquarters have been severely damaged. Texas EquuSearch will resume its work as soon as we can recover from damage. Please stand by for further updates."

Many of the team members' homes are destroyed, including the horse barn and hay for the horses that so selflessly search for missing loved ones. Tim Miller has given so much over the years to the "community" of missing persons. If you don't know his story, please go the the website and read about his own losses.

The Texas Equusearch team can not do the job they have been called to do because of this devastation.

For crimes victims across the country, we must find a way to help get them back up and running.

On their website is a button for donations and they accept credit cards.

There is a great need for money to repair their motorhome, the base used to recover murder victims. Please consider donating what you can, even if it is only a few dollars. Let's give back some of the love and support Tim Miller has given to so many families of missing persons over the past twenty years.

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Delilah said...

Tim Miller and the TES teams are right now searching for bodies in the devastation of Ike. I can not imagine the job they do and I know I am not cut out to do it. Bless them all.

However, even those like me, can support them through our donations. Anything you can afford will count.

Think of this, if your loved one went missing who is first on the list to call? Who will be there to help?

Please give what you can so that this group can get back on its feet and go on with their mission.

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