Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Global Eye in Illinois

The front page of today's Chicago Tribune "Global eye to be kept on abusers".
The new law named after slain business woman Cindy Bischof, gunned down by a former boyfriend in March of 2008, was signed by the Governor, yesterday.

The law takes goes into effect on January 1, 2009. It provides a judge with an additional tool when a person violates an active order of protection. The courts can order a GPS tracking device for offenders who continue to ignore a court order of protection.

The family of Cindy Bischof, her brother Michael spearheaded this groundbreaking law.

Having said that, there are a few legitimate concerns regarding the new tracking system. And this is based on current felony cases where parolees are on the GPS bracelet.

If the Illinois Department of Corrections will be monitoring the bracelets under this new law, the monitoring officer, agents, etc, need training in the area of stalking and domestic violence.

If I were to give a grade based on monitoring performance of a GPS device within the past two years , Illinois would not pass.

The monitoring of a GPS device for offenders is at the discretion of their parole agent. If a person on this system is given "good time" for a night out the "excluded zones" may not be counted. The person(s) who monitors the device does not see family violence as a serious issue and they have shown to be less than cooperate when there is a violation. Under no circumstances should an offender with this device be allowed "good time" especially if they are released from a State penitentiary.

Any law is only as good as it's enforcement. Unless those involved understand the dynamics that must be incorporated with the GPS monitoring system, you will have more of the same, a very bloody road.


Delilah said...

Thank God, at least it is a step in the right direction for so many victims of domestic violence. I'm sure there will be abuses along the way, but maybe this new law can save at least one life from being snuffed out.

Two-Twenty-Two said...

Boston was the first state to us a tracking devic w/ court orders. There is probelems w/ everything lets cross our fingers that those in charge are properly trained.

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