Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Officer O'Shell's Bloody Violent Life

Video- http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/16754889/detail.html

On June 17, 2008, a three- month old baby was removed from a Colorado home. Children and family services removed the infant because William O'Shell, A Police Officer was under investigation with the Colorado Department of Children & Family Services. According to reports, O'Shell had a "dangerous temper". The three month old baby had numerous injuries, including a fracture. Allegations by the State as a result of the fathers anger according to child protective services.

Last night, Denver police removed the bodies of William O'Shell, 36, and his police officer wife Tiffany O'Shell.

O'Shell murdered his wife, as she slept, before committing suicide. Reports indicate Tiffany O'Shell was preparing to end the abusive marriage. After William O'Shell learned of her plans, he murdered her in cold blood.

Immediately, upon the infants removal from the home, the Department of Children and Family Services prpocedure as a precaution should have sought the suspension of William O'Shell's police badge and gun. Services to Tiffany O'Shell from the District Attorneys office, also needed to be provided.

The Lakewood Colorado Police Department also assisted in Tiffany O'Shells murder. In doing nothing, when knowingly they knew he had been out of control of late, it was equal to pulling the trigger themselves.


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Anonymous said...

none of these webpages cite the information that you put into this article. you are assuming things and stating them as fact. it is people like you that give families a difficult time during the healing and grieving process.


Morningside... said...

Excuse me. seems you omitted your name. Secondly, the couple are dead, right? Next, the baby was taken into custody by the state.

This post seems right on. It stings when you related to or a friend of a murderer. You need therapy.

Mari said...

Prayers to the family.

Anonymous said...

Bill was a wonderful man. He will be missed by so many people. Regardless, of what happened, you can't take away that. He's not even buried. The family still in shock. And you kick him in the gut like a tin can in an alley.
Trash this is trash talk.

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Shell was an outstanding police officer. He should not be punished with words because he was obviously depressed and sick at the time.

Depression is dangerous. I am sorry we didn't recognize the signs.

Delilah said...


Commerce City Police say they had taken the couple's 3-month-old daughter from the home on June 17 and began investigating William O'Shell as the main suspect for child abuse. They say the couple's baby girl had sustained serious injuries, including fractures, and add that they were getting close to arresting William O'Shell.

Citing the above report, if Mr. O'Shell had not been a police officer, how would you feel about what happened to his baby daughter at his hands? Thank God this infant was removed from the home or she would have also been a casualty.

In my opinion, there is no excuse for a father to inflict harm on a baby daughter.

I don't see where anyone has kicked this abusive, murdering man with words, only reported facts. If this wasn't such a prevalent problem on every police force in this country, maybe it could be written off as a depressed man.

Facts are...women married to officers that are abused will suffer more at their hands because they have NOWHERE to turn. The court system throws them right back into the abusive home and offers her no protection.

Facts are....a lot of women married to officers that are seeking a divorce will either go missing or be murdered at that officer's hand.

Until our laws start protecting victims of abuse and violence, we will read about more and more of these types of crimes.

Sometimes things just hit a little too close to home for comfort....sorry!

Anonymous said...

Assuming things and stating them as fact? Bill was a wonderful man? That wonderful attribute appears to have been a in-public front. He severely abused his child and apparently (from the media reports ) killed his child's mother.

The articles listed here plainly state what is written in this blog. I refer to the 9news article paragraph 5)where it states they were close to arresting William O'Shell.

I, too, am of opinion that his gun and badge should have been taken and O'Shell put on suspension until the investigation was completed.

These deaths are a tragedy in many ways. My sympathy goes out to the families.

Cargo said...

Why is it that we celebrate and honor those who kill? What about Tiffany. Their child, lucky to be alive and without ever knowing the love if this wondrful prson called "MOM".

A bloody Violent life says everything. xcept that he was allowed to get away with his behavior. A badge and a gun when used to kill your own family members is cowardly. He couldn't just walk away, leave? What are they teaching in the academy?

Each time I read this site I see someone willing to do what many will not, speak the truth for those silenced.

Anonymous said...

Both OShell and his wife were outstanding people.... Something went wrong, and help was not seeked when it was needed. no one knows for sure what really happened, but we can only wish the best for that little girl. May Tiffany and Bill rest in peace. This is such a shock, a slap in the face. I am so confused. many question are left unanswered and many hearts are now empty.

Cloud_Writer said...

Murder suicide is a HORROR if one them did not want to die.

Coltrane said...

I knew "David" O'Shell,(the name he went by), and worked with him at Ridgeview youth services center 3 or 4 years ago. He was a good guy and never showed any kind of anger issues. He was as straight and narrow of a guy as you will ever meet. I keep running everything over in my mind and can't even begin to understand how and why something like this could happen. I know none of us are perfect and we all have secrets behind the facade we put up for others to see, but this is such a leap to believe a friend of mine could intentionally hurt his own baby! Then to kill his wife and himself???!!!! I knew this man fairly well and am absolutly dumbfounded. I try so hard to understand what happened from 6 months ago when this young family bought a home and were expecting a baby, such a great future ahead, to this point when a mom and dad are dead and a baby is parentless. Absolutely HORRIBLE!

Levi said...

This guy was a "great guy"??? Are some of you idiotis? I'm scared some of you actually work in law enforcement! Someone who abuses their child and murders their wife, is not a "great guy" they are a psychopathic, evil, scum bag! And if you people can't see the reality, you don't deserve to be in law enforcements if you are going to give murdering freaks compliments.

O'Shell deserves nothing but scorn and contempt and should be remembered as a scum bag.

How is that for talking trash? I'm proud to trash talk a murderer.

mel said...

Police have NEVER said who actually pulled the trigger. It's easy to assume the father did it because he is the one reported to have been close to arrest in the abuse of the baby. Circumstances may have been very different from what we assume.
The point is that a baby is now an orphan, and 2 families are grieving terribly.
Hopefully that baby will grow up in a home full of love.

It's easy to throw around blame, accusations and insults at others -Americans are experts at it. What good does it do? How about trying to prevent things like this from ever happening again? If you suspect a woman is in an abusive relationship, reach out to her. If you suspect, or know that a child is being abused, call social services.

Get involved in life instead of sitting on your a** complaining about it!

Levi said...

Mel, Americans are experts of insulting and complaining? What BS.

And if O'Shell isn't the responsible one, what happened? Are you going to take the Neil Entwistle defense and play it here? Did he find his wife dead, and then kill himself because he couldn't stand to live without her?

What about his child? How did it get the broken bones? Did the mother do it?

No it is obvious, it was the father who had anger issues.

And I reserve the right to sit on my ass and complain about murder. Maybe if more people started complaining and these murdering scum bags were held responsible. Lives would be saved.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Who is this fucktard Susan Murphy? She completely has the story backfucking asswards, like her face. Denver PD had nothing to do with the removal of their bodies- and it didn't happen in Denver. Commerce City Police lead the investigation and had their Coronor's Office in charge of the bodies. Plus, Tiffany was no longer a Lakewood Police officer. She was fired last November because she told her commander to fuck off when she was working the desk after she got pregnant. Dangerous temper MY ASS! You should be sued for all the false info you put on your attention suffering blog! And lastly, you other blog whores calling him Bill obviously knew nothing about him either, he was known by his colleagues and friends as David (his middle name). Whoever committed these acts deserves nothing less than you should for posting bullshit. Human life suffered, all the way around. Period, end this stupid site.

SOPO, Inc said...

Okay, Mr. Zero you have real anger issue's here buddy. And your a cop who knew David. Good for you.

He killed his wife. The baby is lucky to still be alive. Who are you? A no name shield carrying coward. I betcha beat up perps along with your wife. Get off the streets you are dangerous.

Levi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

This is one sided. David nor Tiffany and the families deserve this slam. Tragically, both are gone. Writing this trash helps no one.

David was a good guy. Why don't you have some respect & remove this post!

Anonymous said...


Bergman said...

It is murder. We all wish to turn back the clock, it is not possible. Maybe others going thru this will be aware of the signs before a tragedy. It hurts when you know those involved.

Talking down the post is the same as ignorning the issue and tragedy.

Anonymous said...

The infant has a horrible medical condition whch caused the fractures. The pediatrician did not even realize their child had this medical condition. The life expectancy of their child is under 2 years. It's too bad that everyone rushed to judgment, including the media. The O'Shell's were wonderful parents. They lost hope.

Anonymous said...

This has nothng to do with the fact that Dave was a Police Officer. Somehow he snapped... we are left with only questions and few answers.

To Delilah, who said the following:

"Facts are....a lot of women married to officers that are seeking a divorce will either go missing or be murdered at that officer's hand."

What?! This is a foolish statement. I do appreciate the fact that you make things up to make a point. There is no evidence to support what you are suggesting...

Anonymous said...

That's okay-continue defending your friend who murdered his wife-those are the facts. You can't make thatbup because it happened.

Anonymous said...

To assume you know anything about what really happened in this case because you saw a 30 second newscast is ridiculous, lazy, self-rightous and appeals to the lowest common denominator. Research what has been discovered in this case since the original tragic events and see if you are mature enough to admit you may have jumped the gun and joined the lynch mob banwagoneers before stoping to think for a minute that the facts may be more complicated than your slow, common mind originally comprehended.
Try being part of the solution next time.

Anonymous said...

William was innocent - the baby had a genetic disorder that caused her bones to break easily. The baby died a few months ago because of this disorder - and William's name has been cleared. It is unfortunate that he felt he had no hope in a system that presumes guilt until proven innocent.

Anonymous said...

I find it reprehensible that you have not adjusted your blog post, or added a followup blog post that corrects the true cause of the injuries to the child that has now died of the genetic disease that caused the injuries. Is there any specific reason why you are leaving false statements regarding this family on your blog? To not make this right on your blog, makes you as evil as any child abuser, as evil as any abuser.

Anonymous said...

OMG this man was a decorated Veteran and a good man. I KNEW Dave when he was stationed at Ft Hood years ago, and he was **never** quick to anger. Since the news articles of his innocence have been published, this crap should be removed!

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