Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rebecca McEvoy-"Crawford v. Washington"

Becca McEvoy

I am writing concerning a case here in Mobile, Al. that involves my recently deceased baby cousin Becca. Becca died this past Jan. 14, 2008 as a result of a car wreck. She was seriously injured and stayed on life support for 10 days from which she never recovered. Unfortunately her death came while awaiting Grand Jury in Mobile, Al.

Before her death Rebecca suffered over a year of rape & sodomy and other unspeakable acts allegedly, from Bob Ingle. He was her step-father/cop at the time of the abuse.

The reason for my concern now, is that an even greater injustice may occur due to her untimely death. Because of " Crawford Versus' Washington "a law that not only supports the right to cross examine the victim but, also stops a lot of important, testimonial evidence.

In cases such as Becca's this law stands in the way of justice. Under "Crawford" statements made to police, the grand jury, social services and the medical community are being thrown out in courts across the Country.

The law is clearly working backwards for the victims of sexual abuse. It stops police reports, counselor’s statements, and often-medical personnel from being used in these cases. Everybody has a 6th amendment right under our constitution. Under "Crawford" they meaning the court, have taken away almost all the victims rights.

Certainly, in a case such as Becca's where the victim is no longer available for cross-examination due to death. I find it quite disturbing that our system puts these children through the whole process of exam, counseling, and police statements and then does not even accept it in the court of law.

I would like to see Crawford amended and a law enforced for victims like precious little Becca. At age 9 she had no rights because, he took them from her and still he has more rights under our backwards justice system that works in the favor of the perpetrator.

I am requesting National media attention on this case because; at the last court hearing the police statements and counselors have been thrown out due to Crawford. Our family has suffered enough and now we are asking for the public's help, due to this flawed judicial system.

We need a "Becca's law" stating that in cases where the victim becomes deceased the testimonial evidence has to be accepted - an exception to the Crawford rule. This needs to be one so, we don't invite perpetrators to kill their victim's in order for Crawford to work in their favor.

I cannot believe a law that promotes so much more crime could have been passed. If Crawford remains on the law books, there will likely be more killings when our justice system fails these children.

Criminals take the current laws, bending them to fit their own guilt, manipulating the legal system, as their own "get out of jail free card". The current laws do not protect our children. Perpetrators will be encouraged to kill the victims!

Becca McEvoy 's life was interrupted . This child deserves our attention. If just for a moment, this brave young child has sounded her angels trumpet and this case is now playing out for the world to finally hear.

We want Becca's last wish fulfilled. Including, the trial against alleged sexual predator and former police officer Bob Ingel. And other pedophiles must be brought to justice, punished for such horrific crimes of children under the age of twelve.

Please, help us with this very important matter before it's too late.

Thanks you!
Theresa Jordan, Ph: 251-679-8084

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Delilah said...

This poor child suffered unspeakable atrocities during her short life, then an untimely death. Why should our laws silence her from her grave?

Everyone needs to speak to our elected officials and get this changed for Becca and any other victim.

Victims must have rights along with a voice in court.

Regan said...

Very good letter! Need to change the laws! You go girl!

Mary Jo- Atlanta said...

This case Crawford is doing the same thing on adult murder cases. All the way around Crawford neds to be amended.

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