Sunday, July 6, 2008

Life Interrupted: Brooke Bennett June 25, 2008

Brooke Bennett's birthday is July 12, 2008. She would have celebrated her thirteenth year of life.

Who knows, perhaps Brooke would have grown up to be a doctor or maybe a scientist discovering a cure for a fatal disease, or a lawyer arguing before the supreme court. We will never know.

And although her murder has received national attention for being killed by her uncle, her death should have more importance to each of us as parents, grandparents, neighbors and teachers. We must support laws that keep sexual predators behind bars. Early release must not be an option when a person is convicted of a sexual crime against a child.

Jessica's law must be passed in every state across the country.

This child could have been your neighbor next door. A quiet family, that no one really knew. A child who played with your kids or sat next to them in school. This is just a reminder to all of us that life is precious.

We cannot predict if we will see the sunrise the next morning. In memory of Brooke Bennett let us all remember to give our kids a great big kiss and tell them how important they are each and every day.

Let us also lend our voice to change within the legal system. Remove all privileges sexual offenders are given such as "good time" and early release to harm another child. Or create a sex ring with underage children.

If you do not believe this type of criminal activity affects you? Think, again.
In the fall Brooke would have entered the eighth grade. And then on to high school and college.

Brooke Bennett was a member of the girls basketball and lacrosse teams. And she was a girl scout, troop #510.

Instead of planning a birthday party, the family is preparing her final resting place, on Wednesday, July 9, 2008.

I would like to believe her life means more then being found in a swallow ditch. I would like to believe in the American Justice System.

I would like to believe Brooke Bennett's murder has more importance than a news story we will barely remember, until the next innocent child is murdered.


Anonymous said...

The girls mother cold have done more to monitor Brooke's activities?

Very tragic.

sandy heckt said...

I watched your funeral on TV today and I felt a lump in my throat when Savanna spoke of a Mother Im heartsick..Soar with the Angels Baby in the arms of Jesus.. where you are safe. no one will ever hurt you again....Sandy H Montana

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