Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Amy Jacobson:From Reporter to Lawsuit

Lisa Stebic mysteriously vanished, without of trace on April 30, 2007. It should be noted, Lisa was going through a divorce from her estranged husband, Craig Stebic.

One gutsy reporter, Amy Jacobson, did the unthinkable. She investigated the case, her way.
Amy used her skills to get close to the Stebic family. This included Lisa's relatives and the "person of interest" Craig Stebic.

In July of 2007, Reporter Amy Jacobson had an opportunity to come out to the Stebic's House. Craig Stebic and Lisa's sister in- law's children along with a few other relatives would also be at the home.

It was an innocent afternoon by the pool. For Amy Jacobson, it was a perfect opportunity to "get the story" and gain more personal insight into the suspect Craig Stebic.

All Amy Jacobson cared about was finding the truth about Lisa Stebic.

Many, do not agree. A camera crew that day from another news station was in the same neighborhood conducting interviews on the case. They "stumbled", when they stumbled upon Amy Jacobson in her bathing suit inside the Stebic's home.

Within days, after the airing by the other news network of the video, Amy Jacobson lost her job.

In my opinion, she lost her job, because she was doing her job.

Today, a lawsuit was filed seeking damages from the news station who chopped up the video of Amy, that cost her a job she truly loved. The lawsuit claims the news station portrayed her as an adulteress and a disreputable reporter.

All this hoopla because a reporter was doing her job, shifted the attention away from the "person of interest" in the case, Craig Stebic.

Where does it say in the "ethics of reporting" one must adhere to certain restrictions when covering a story on your own personal time?

Amy Jacobson went above and beyond. Her only fault was to seek truth and justice!

Video coverage: http://cbs2chicago.com/topstories/Lisa.Stebic.Craig.2.338140.html

Lawsuit Information: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-amy-jacobson-suit-web-jul08,0,7303618.story



Meat Grinder said...

Aren't you basing your opinion on the fact that you know the reporter?

R. Manning, Chicago Heights said...

Appears odd that she had the children with her. That's my only question. Why involve them?

Anonymous said...

As an Administrator of the family website established expressly to help Find Lisa Stebic - I am writing to correct a salient piece of information in your personal blog concerning Amy Jacobson and the unfortunate events which led up to her firing from WMAQ (as well as give your our opinions). We also want to provide an answer to one of the people who commented - following your posting.
First, the children of Craig and Lisa Stebic were NOT present on that fateful day. They were out of state - visiting family.
But there WERE 5 children & 4 adults in the backyard, at the time of the illicit video-taping by rival CBS2:
Craig's sister - Jill - her 3 children, her husband, Amy and her two pre-school sons...and Craig Stebic.
Second, we would like to put forward that (despite CBS2 and other gossip-mongers attempts) there were NO "incidents of questionable judgment" throughout her coverage of when our family member - Lisa Stebic - went missing.
On the contrary, Amy was the leading reporter in gathering facts to find out what happened to Lisa...and was the ONLY reporter who Lisa's husband would actually allow interview him. (She was always accompanied by a photojournalist from WMAQ).
She was incredibly responsible, tenacious and, when required, gentle when covering this tragic story.
CBS2's intimation that Amy Jacobson was involved in an inappropriate social or extramarital affair with Craig Stebic is both erroneous and irresponsible.
As you put forward in your insightful and well-written blog - this widely-held belief, unfortunately, is reflective of the incredibly false portrayal of Amy by CBS2 (WMAQ's rival station for ratings) when airing an EDITED video tape of Craig, Amy, her two children, Craig's sister Jill, her husband and their 3 children. We want all to know that this trusted reporter was doing everything she could to get to the bottom of what happened to our family member - Lisa Stebic.
In our opinion: The EDITED vs the RAW version of the tape elucidates the smear tactics utilized by the management of CBS2 - in attempting (and achieving) the permanent removal of a reporter who constantly "scooped" them on many different stories.
Amy was NOT invited to attend a "pool party" (as many inaccurately repeat). She and her children were invited to Craig & Lisa Stebic's home to talk with his sister Jill - who wanted to provide "their side" of the story. Jill was the one who called Amy, not Craig. Jill and her husband and children were about to depart for their home in Iowa - and had little time left to personally meet with Amy, that day. It was a brutally hot day - and Amy's day off...which precipitated a "working women's lunch" between the two young mothers.
All 5 children benefited by enjoying a dip in the pool - followed by sandwiches.
But was this what was represented by CBS2?
And, so now we have a lawsuit.
We'd like to put this forward to all who read your blog: If WE, Lisa Stebic's family had NO problem with Amy being there to quickly interview Jill - to fulfill her responsibility of getting the OTHER side of the story (in an effort to find OUR missing loved one) then WHO is CBS2 and the rest of the world to condemn her by extending this visual falsehood of "inappropriate behavior"?
This type of salacious gossip (thinly disguised as "News") is what destroyed the career and life of someone who was getting close to possible clues leading to Lisa's whereabouts.
Someone who deserved more.
Should you or anyone who is interested in following this story need any more information (which IS more accurate compared to many people's memories)..please visit the Press/Recent News page of our website - FindLisaStebic.com. Another option would be to follow Chicago Tribune's columnist Eric Zorn and his recent columns concerning Amy Jacobson.
Please make sure to read the commentary at the bottom of the columns - his responses and ours will also help fill in the gaps for you.
Thank you for being one of the few who is standing up for the Truth in this tragic matter.

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