Monday, June 16, 2008

Police Officer Indicted In Wife's Murder

Last week a Grand Jury in Walker County, Georgia indicted, former police Sergeant. Sam Parker for the murder of his long-missing wife, Theresa Parker.

Theresa Parker, a 911 dispatcher, has been missing since March 21, 2007.

He faces murder, making false statements, computer invasion of privacy, and violation of oath by a public officer, according to news reports.

No surprise the couple was in the process of a divorce. What is a surprise, more tin badge cowards are opting to commit acts of violence in lieu of a divorce and agreeing to a financial settlement. Officers are settling their personal problems in ways that makes me concerned
for those who are married in a law enforcement environment unable to seek and secure any hope of safely leaving their abusive spouse.

The emails I receive are overwhelming. Women across the country, wives of law enforcement facing the same life threatening circumstances. The legal system in place and those who protect their "Blue Brothers" are committing the same acts of murder when proper police procedures are ignored.

When you are abused and married to a police officer, tell me, please, who are you able to call for help?

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Anonymous said...

Law enforcement means us, too. Everything we do or say. Trying to get a divorce is a disaster. He gets some law who give him a break cause he met on the job. We find attorneys who have no idea how to reprsent us and their advice is at we settle. Look at Lori DeKlein from Michigan. Explain that when you try & divorce.

Anonymous said...

behindthebluewall is a great start for people married to officers-they provide resources & you can send an email & they will reply.

Anonymous said...

Here is the web site for anyone with information:
Special Tip Line: 706-638-1909 Ext. 239 (24 Hour)


Blue Woman said...

This case has dragged on for a long time. LE's still have not recovered her body. Prayers tp Theresa's Family and Friends.

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