Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The brutally Erased Lives of Taylor, Age 13 and Skyla, Age 11

On Sunday, June 9th, 2008, Taylor Paschal Placker and Skyla Whiaker were in their play clothes walking down a rural road in Oklahoma. As best friends, their day likely began as all the others in summers past. Swimming in a creek, playing with dolls or riding their bikes together.

For each child's family their daily routines abruptly halted the moment the granfather discovered the girls bodies and news was received of their slayings. Taylor and Skyla were found gunned down with multiple gunshots in an area well traveled by town residents.

Taylor and Skyla will never graduate from grammer, high school or college. They will never experience of joy of motherhood. The girls will be a tragic memory for many years, in the community. On a road, at a specific time, people from the this small town will remember as they drive by and point to the area where they were senselessly slain.

When school begins in the fall, two seats will be painfully vacant.

And for Taylor and Skyla's families, the empty chair at the dinner table will be a constant reminder of times shared together, as a family, before June 9, 2008.

A $14,000 reward is being offered for information and the arrest of those responsible.
Anyone with information about the crime is urged to callthe OSBI hotline at 1-800-522-8017 or the Okfuskee County Sheriff’s Office at (918)623-1122.



Anonymous said...

Is there a meth lab near by. Meth labs are common in rural areas.
I will pray for each of the families.

Myra, N.Y.

Anonymous said...

still trying to understand why anyone would shoot two young girls?

Anonymous said...

There is a heavy meth lab in the area could be they saw something no reason regardless to murder 2 children. Prayers to the family.

Anonymous said...

fyi-the award money is now at $25,000 you might want to correct it. Thoughts & prayers to the families,

Anonymous said...

I had a chance to listen to your radio show last evening talking about this case. Interesting theory from the detective on a possible abduction gone bad. I found the show engaging and interesting.

My prayers go out to the families and communities. I pray these killers are captured soon.

Faith said...

My prayers are with the families of these precious girls.

Thanks Susan for keeping them in the spotlight.

Justice For Taylor & Skyla


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