Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maureen Weaver's Murder and the Media

Maureen Weaver died last Thursday in San Diego. Her son Tyler turns ten years old this weekend and the birthday party his mother was planning has been canceled. His birthday celebration has been replaced with attending his Mother's funeral.

Maureen was found dead in the driveway of her home. The crime scene was so gruesome a news chopper captured the tragedy from a distance. Authorities immediately placed Tyler Weaver into protective custody.

Tyler was only two years old when his parents divorced. Frank Weaver was said to have a violent temper. And he had a drinking problem. Just two years before they divorced Maureen filed a police report against Frank for attacking her in their home. Frank was placed on probation for the assault.

When the news broke in San Diego of her death, folks on the Internet speculated and wrote less than favorable remarks regarding the crime when it was mentioned that her ex-husband was a possible suspect. Just shows the public's lack of awareness and understanding of these types of crime.

Yesterday, good old Frank was arrested in Idaho and taken into custody by police.

Did Frank Weaver murder his former wife and mother of his child Maureen Weaver?
Yes, he most certainly did.

Is it necessary for photo's of the Maureen Weaver murder scene to be posted on the Internet? What purpose does it serve the community and loved ones left behind to display such bloody graphic pictures?

Do those individuals who put them up on their Internet news media forum have children?

How would they feel if they were a crime victim knowing their ten year old son will soon discover bloody photo's of the most important person in this child's life, his mother.

If you want to properly cover the real stories behind the crimes women endure across the country three hundred and sixty five-days a year by those they loved or once loved. Head on over to the criminal courts building. Any city in any state will do. Report on the real stories and how often their cries for assistance fall on deaf ear, repeatedly. Or consider doing an in depth behind the scenes investigation on what a victim of violence must do in order to remain safe and alive.

And cover those lives who are not far themselves from taking a trip on a medical examiners gurney into the county morgue.

Pictures of this particular crime need to be removed over at the abc news site in San Diego.

Showing respect, especially during this time, is the very least you can do.

News sources: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24806935/

May 23, 2008: Deputies: Santee Woman Was Murdered
May 23, 2008: Court Records May Offer Clues To Santee Slaying
May 23, 2008: Woman Found Dead In Driveway Identified


Anonymous said...

you need to know her son's name isn't Troy.

Anonymous said...

Maureen's son is named Tyler. I am a first cousin of Maureen, and she is a wonderful lady

Susan Murphy Milano's Journal said...

Thank you-I made the corrections. Please know my prayers and thoughts are with you. If you would like to email me privately please feel free at contact@movingoutmovingon.com

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Maureen's ex husband made it easy for the police to solve this! She looks like a nice sweet person. Is this becoming an epidemic in San Diego? We also had a 14year old kill her mother over the weekend with a hammer to her head.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for correcting Tyler's name.
A loving realitive

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