Monday, May 26, 2008

Drew Peterson: Day #208

The circus performers continue their stunts as the Drew Peterson investigation drags on into day number 208 (two-hundred and eight) .

Have the Illinois State Police suspended their water search for Stacy, yes. Family and friends continue to look for her themselves. Armed with a new boat as they comb the waters.

There may be a solution in their search if proper equipment can be brought in to scan the waters. Northwestern University's Robert R. McCormick school of engineering and technology may have the tools to search the waters with tomography scanning and taking x-rays at the bottom of the river. All someone needs to do is contact the school and ask. here is the link:

The time line also continues to be filled with holes. So here is my opinion, a version of what I believe may have happened:

Oct. 26, 2007 - Stacy Peterson allegedly tells Drew Peterson she wants a divorce, after meeting attorney Harry Smith. Mr. Smith is the same lawyer who represented Kathleen Savio in her divorce.

Oct. 27 6:30 -P.M.-11:30 p.m. -Dinner at Drew's House. The air is tense when Drew stops in to have dinner with the family. Drew goes back to work and Cassandra Cales leaves her sister Stacy Peterson’s home with plans to meet at 10 a.m. the next morning to help paint a house

Oct. 28 9:40 a.m. - Peterson neighbor leaves her home to go to the grocery store and notes seeing both of the Peterson’s vehicle in their driveway.

10:15 a.m. - A friend calls Stacy Peterson about painting the house that day. Peterson, still in bed, says she will meet to paint the house later.Stacy is still alive the kids hear arguing between Stacy and Drew. There is a possibility by accident, while still in bed Stacy, hits her head during the fight or Drew has grabbed her by her neck. Her neck snaps , Stacy dies. Drew carries Stacy into the connecting bathroom of their bedroom and closes the door. He has to think quickly. The kids don't have a reason to question anything and resume their activities.

11:15 a.m. - Neighbor returns from the grocery store and says she saw only one of the vehicles in Peterson’s driveway.Noon-Neighbor calls next door to see if the Peterson children want to come over for suckers. She asks for Stacy when one of the children answers the phone and Drew Peterson tells her his wife went to visit her grandfather.

1 p.m. Drew Peterson brings the children over to Neighbors home and tells her he has an errand to run. He returns in about 15 minutes.

1:40 P.M. Drew is in the garage with the door shut. Kids are playing in the house. He carries a blue cooler container into their bedroom while instructing the boys to watch the little ones. He locks the door. At this point who knows, besides the possibility of Stacy's body what else could have been placed into the cooler/container.

5:00 P.M. Drew calls in to Bollingbrook police station and takes the day off.

5:30-6 P.M. Drew goes about his routine and prepare dinner for the kids.

7:45 P.M. Thomas Morphey is with Drew having coffee.
Stacy's phone rings around 9:00 p.m. and Drew instructs him not to answer the telephone.

9:45- 10 P.M. Drew Peterson and Thomas Morphey go into the house to the upstairs bedroom. The container is in the bathroom and the two men carry it downstairs to the back of Drew's car and load the cooler type container into the car.On the way to his destination he stops at a gas station and fills up the car with gas.Around

10:30 P.M. Drew arrives to 135th street.
He opens the bed of the truck and removes the container is Thomas Morhey with him, watching it until it goes into the river?

11 p.m. Cales goes to Peterson’s home and does not see either vehicle in the driveway. One of Peterson’s children opens the door and tells Cales that he is home alone with his three siblings and that Stacy and Drew had gotten into a fight. He said Stacy Peterson had left the house and Drew went out to look for her.

11:15 p.m. - Cales calls Drew Peterson and asks for Stacy. Cales hears shuffling and keys going into the ignition. Peterson tells Cales he’s at home and had been out looking for his wife.

Oct. 29 1 a.m. - Cales goes to the Bolingbrook Police Department to file a missing persons report.

2:30 a.m. - Cales returns to Peterson’s home and sees both cars in the driveway. Cales’ friend calls Drew Peterson and asks him where Stacy is at. Peterson said his wife left him, took money and left her car at Clow International Airport.

4 a.m. - Cales files a missing persons report with Illinois State Police.

11/1/07- Police enter Drew's home with a search warrant taking computers, files, cars, etc. 11/2/2007-Fox news reports the dogs get a hit from the bed during their search link here:;jsessionid=2BF3B7E204B488ACDA943EE64CFB16FC?contentId=4809857&version=9&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

Website for Stacy Peterson:


Anonymous said...

If a school or a company donates manpower & top radar equipment I believe its a better change to find stacy peterson

Anonymous said...

This is such a big case why can't police get the equipment they need and locate her body? Seems the more time passes the harder it will be.

Anonymous said...

Whats happend to the justice system? With the the technology we have in the world and we can't even locate missing loved ones. I will pray that Stacy is found and her family finds peace.

Anonymous said...

7:45 P.M. Thomas Morphey is with Drew having coffee.
Stacy's phone rings around 9:00 p.m. and Drew instructs him not to answer the telephone.

Don't forget, Drew gave Morphey that cell phone to hold, with instructions to not answer it. Then he left him alone for a period of time, during which the phone rang, and Morphey noted that the phone identified the caller as Stacy.

Anonymous said...

Good timeline. I'd like to add to it. After Tom Morphey assists Drew that evening, he goes home and is distraught. He is so upset that he contacts his friend and neighbor and pleads with him to listen to his concerns, stating that he thinks he may have helped Drew "get rid of Stacy." The next day Morphey is hospitalized after attempting suicide.

Anonymous said...

Rick Mims is in that time line some place too.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece on this case!

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