Monday, May 5, 2008

Drew Peterson: The Classic Offender in Blue

Drew Peterson in my opinion, fits the profile of a classic and Dangerous Offender in Blue.

He is an attention seeker, both in public and private.

If his life seems unbelievable and exhausting, that is because he thrives on it.

The streets were his life and playground. He made it his business to learn and do his job better than most cops. He was a big fish in a small pond. It was all part of his plan.

He is a man who controls every aspect of his home life down to what brand of coffee is brought into his home.

He keeps close tabs on household spending.

He is a very giving person as long as you do as you are told, you are given the world.

The moment a woman in his life no longer provides "intimacy on demand", he begins to question their loyalty to the relationship. He stays out after shift and does not explain his whereabouts when questioned. When asked where he was or why he didn't come straight home, he responds with an all knowing cold stare. His way of punishing his woman for not being submissive enough.

When anyone in his life begins to make him unhappy by "complaining " about anything or perhaps changes they would like to see, he become's angry with them. Over time, loosing his patience and resorts to using threats and physical force.

As a dangerous "offender in blue abuser" they dread being abandoned by women. It is seen as weak and unforgiving.

Drew Peterson was likely to have known that Stacy had begun making plans to divorce him, since she had gone to the same attorney wife #3 Kathleen Savio sought in her divorce. And she disclosed her unhappiness and fears to family and a neighbor. Stacy secured a cell phone without Drew's knowledge. In the world of an "Offender in Blue", that is the worst thing anyone could do.

Stalking is also a characteristic of an "Offender in Blue", as well. From wife #2 Vicki Connely, the girlfriend, Kathleen and then Stacy. Four women that we know of, all making the exact same statements.

Offender's in Blue, either currently on the job or retired from the force, are masters at escaping detection. But, four women at different times in this Offender's life had nothing to gain in their attempts to leave this environment, other than be free from the abuse.

So while we are continuing to watch this man, who at one time held the public's trust we must remember, he is first and foremost, a classic, and dangerous offender of the worst kind.

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Anonymous said...

He's still walking free after all this time. You can bet he'll soon have another victim, they all do.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that DP is dating Denise Werner and has told her that he will be "Free" in Nov 2008 and "can" get a "divorce???"
If this is true then VICTIM {oops} WIFE #5 has surfaced!
Personally I would prefer his next date to be in JAIL with lots of "BURLY LIFERS" who hold "grudges" against CORRUPT COPS!!!...but what would I know...I live in Western Australia...cheers from down-under.

Anonymous said...

She would have to be declared dead. Is that what the idiot is going to do?

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