Monday, April 7, 2008

Mercedes McCauley : CSI Miami -Chicago Tragedy Unfolds

Last night in Chicago, a real life scene with a tragic outcome came right out of a the television show CSI Miami .

It began as a murder. Mercedes McCauley, just twenty-two years of age, existed a Chicago Church with another person. They were sitting in a car parked on the street. The shooter pulled up beside them and opened fire before fleeing the scene.

Mercedes was taken to the hospital in critical condition. An hour or so afterwards, police arrived at the hospital. The young woman's father over heard the officers talking about a man named Glenn Martinez. He asked what was going on. The police informed the father that the man had committed suicide over on Lake Shore Drive.

"That's the man who shot my daughter", he told police. Apparently, the two were involved in a relationship. Glenn Martinez who was a fan of CSI, matter of fact he never missed an episode.

After he shoots and kills Mercedes McCauley. He heads to the lake, shoots himself in the chest, then throws the murder weapon about fifteen feet into the lake. He was trying to make it look like someone shot him.

Had police not been at the hospital and the father not overheard the conversation, both cases would have gone unsolved. The gun was recoverd today by divers.

Mercedes McCauley did in fact have a criminal order of protection. She was scheduled to be in court on April 17, 20o8.

Real life tragically, does imitate those "entertainment" type shows that are so popular like CSI and others currently on the air.

But this is not entertainment. It is real life. Martinez used a gun. In my book, he was a coward and a murder. Taking away a father's daughter. Leaving her family to live with the aftermath of a war where the death toll numbers do not accurately tell the real story of its victim's.

No this was just not some random act. Or another "domestic violence" incident. It was a murder of the worst kind, one that society continues to ignore. Relationship murder victims have surpassed the number of those killed fighting for our Country.

The enemies of this war are armed and dangerous. They are the friendly neighbor. The person who gives you a ride when you are late for work. The officer who was just at your home investigating a crime. Or, the postman who delivered your mail just this morning.

The victims, we are less likely to remember. There are just far too many of them.

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Anonymous said...

Mercedes is now with the Holy Father. She will be missed by her friends and family. Thank you for telling her story.

Anonymous said...

As a member of her family, thank you for getting her story out there so everyone can remember what a great god-fearing woman she was...dearly missed by many.

Anonymous said...

Mersaides was an amazing woman...She never deserved this...He got past the restraining order...and we lost an amazing person. How dare you put her down...I am her cousin and I assure you that my family protects blood at all costs! I repeat, at all costs!!!! If we had any knowledge of this bullshit my little cousin would be alive today. He could have, should have been dealt with his problems like a man, not a coward…Murder is wrong. No matter what drives a person to that point. If my family had known about this, a restraining order wouldn't have been necessary. Your angel would have met his maker when he decided to look at her sideways. Whether her mother took her father thru the same situation or not is irrelevant because her father didn't murder her mom. We love you baby girl…You’re in God’s hands now…

Anonymous said...

last poster-what do you mean? The article is not defending martinez it blasts him and the what happend.
Mercedes didnt tell anyone if she did I agree shed beleive alive now.

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