Monday, April 7, 2008

Honor Student & Aspiring Lawyer Could Have Used The Amber Alert

When an honor student, just fifteen years of age goes missing, is it too much to ask why in God's name someone did not issue an Amber alert for this teenager?

I understand that the Amber Alert system is mostly used for children thirteen years in age and younger, my question is why? Especially, if in the area the teen went missing ,there had been a rash of abductions and unsolved criminal activity in the area, as well.

Maybe, just maybe, it would have saved Brashai Griffin's life. According to friends and family, Brashai dreamed of becoming a lawyer.

The Amber Alert System given the unique challenges we face as a society on daily basis must consider raising the age requirment, especially when a parent contacts authorities in an area where a community regardless, of race, faces unknown predators just waiting for their next victim. Every minute, from the time the call is placed to authorities, is a minute erased from the clock of someon'e life.

Her body was discovered on Saturday. Police are asking for the public's help. Anyone with information is asked to call the Sauk Village Police Department at (708)-758-1331.


Anonymous said...

I agree the alert system may have been a useful resource in locating her sooner. I also believe race might have played a role in her death. I'm unsure who oversee's or issues alerts. They need to be changed like you said.

Anonymous said...

An angel from God who called her home. I pray her killer will be caughtand brought to justice.

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