Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Empty Place At The Family Table

Today, is Easter a time of us all to give praise to God and be grateful for the warmth, love and support of family and friends as they are the true life lines in each of our lives.

And, it is a day to stop for a moment and thank the men and women who, even though we do not know them personally, are away from their families fighting for our freedom and safety .

For those here, in America, who are experiencing their first Easter Holiday, with an empty place at the dinner table. It is a first, of many holidays to come.

They are the abducted children whose parents will no longer hunt for those bright colored eggs or search for that basket of goodies, almost always taller than the child. And the look of excitement as they see the cellophane basket with the large bow now , replaced with an empty horrific pain of loss and helplessness.

Or the mother's who have either been abruptly taken away from their children and loved ones, never to be heard or seen from again. While those who are considered "suspects" continue to walk free among us.

Or murdered by a family member or scorned lover who do not know the meaning or value of life and love.

We can point fingers and speculate until the cows come home as to whom did what to who, when, where and why. But that is not going to bring anyone back.

Instead, we must focus the anger on the precious gifts of life standing before us. The real victims, their children. And work towards dilligently finding those who are still missing with every ounce of strength and courage we can.

Then we can forge ahead on measures within our criminal justice system and the legislature, who are still striking the gavel in blood and turn it into victory so those in our lives and future generations actually, have a brighter and safer tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

The internet has allowed us to vent our pain and not go further in seeking the rights and wrons in society.

Anonymous said...

Very -nice- post -

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for your thoughtful words. I just realized after watching the video on your story why you are so passionate about this issue. God Bless you.

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