Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Bells of Justice Are Calling Barbara Winn

On Thursday, Barbara Winn's family and friends filled every seat in the St. Paul, MN courtroom.
No one complained about the close, tight, seating that morning.
They had prayed and thought of this special day for twenty-seven long years. The family quietly sat as the accused Aaron Foster, indicted by a grand jury back in November, appeared in court before the judge.
On Monday, court will begin again, as family and friends listen to arguments as to whether or not the murder case of Barbara Winn will be heard or dimissed.
Barbara's family has never given up hope that her killer would finally be brought to justice . They put up internet sites: .
Friends and Family worked closely for 27 years with local news reporters and many prosecutors. And in recent years, Barbara's case has been an important fixture on the internet for brining justice to those whose cries for help fell on deaf ears.
For more on the case and important details here's the news link:

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Milano,
I just happened to see this for the first time, tonight. Thank you for taking the time to write and post this! I hope you were able to watch Dateline NBC's documentary "Justice For Barbara" on Friday evening. If not, you can watch the documetary at:

Also, the Dateline Producer, Dan Slepian, has published a blog about the documentary and we hope that everyone who sees the documentary will stop by his blog to comment...the blog can be accessed at the above link.

God Bless you,

Patty Bruce

Our email address is:

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