Saturday, March 15, 2008

Drew Peterson: Camp Sticky Marshmallow Updates Day #135

Fact: 135 Days after Stacy Peterson vanished, no arrest has been made.
Fact: Kathleen Savio's death has been ruled as a homicide. Her cries for help fell on deaf ears.
Fact: The signatures on Kathleen Savio's Will do not match those on the order of protection documents that she signed in court.
Fact: Drew Peterson is a trained locksmith.
Fact: Drew Peterson has moved all his financial assets into other individuals names.
Fact: Drew Peterson has made many distubing statements in public regarding Stacy Peterson.
Fact: Kathleen Savio at one time worked for the city of Naperville.
Fact: Will County allowed politics and election schedules to interfere with doing their jobs.
Fact: Drew Peterson, a veteran police officer at the time of each tragedy knew better than most. exactly how murder investigations are handled in these type of cases.
Fact: The most difficult task for a conviction to stick, is to find a body and figure out what happened.
Fact: In the State of Illinois no person has ever been tried and found guilty of murder without
a body.
Fact: Sooner or later murder does come back in a hauting way, and the truth is then revealed.
Fact: 135 Days without Stacy being able to tuck her children in at night.
Please visit the website os Stacy Peterson at
If you have any information regarding this case or the Savio murder, please contact the FBI.


Anonymous said...

How can any grown man date then marrying a kid young enough to be his daughter? Drew Peterson is a threat to anyone he decides stands in the way of whatever he wants.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include the {FACT}- D.P. was abusive and controling with Stacy Peterson.

Anonymous said...

Men like Peterson would not know what the truth was if it bit them in the behind.

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