Friday, March 14, 2008

Drew Peterson: Camp Sticky Marshmallow Updates-Day #134

It is day 134 and Stacy Peterson who vanished on October 28, 2007, now considered a "potential homicide victim" has yet to be found.

This past weekend the headline in the tribune read- Investigations into Kathleen Savio's death could have political implications
Coroner's election rival, woman's relatives say probe was handled poorly--Excerpts From Article
The second investigation into the death of Drew Peterson's third wife and a new autopsy indicating she was murdered have rekindled smoldering hostilities between former and current state's attorneys and fueled a challenge to Will County's longtime coroner.

At the time, then-State's Atty. Jeff Tomczak was gearing up for what would become an acrimonious and losing election rematch with Democrat James Glasgow. Tomczak, a Republican, had won their 2000 matchup with help from an army of political workers sent by his father, Chicago water department official Don Tomczak, but the rematch played out against the backdrop of Don Tomczak's federal corruption trial.

During that time, the investigation into Savio's death went nowhere, and questions about whether her case was adequately investigated have now intensified.

Why aren't heads rolling? Politics and murder? What else has Will County botched up because of politics. Do we have to wait for more missing, or vanished bodies or relatives to literally beg for a proper investigation?
All this hand holding in Will County I think now the US Attorney's Office needs to step in and close this dance card.

The family of both Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson need to contact the US Attorneys Office as well as the media. In my opinion, there is enough fire power in the forged doctored will and statements made by the "Suspect" for the State to make an arrest.
Doesn't anyone find it odd that 134 days later, everyone is still holding hands?
134 Days, have passed and only one person has told the world "Stacy is where she wants to be".
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Anonymous said...

Please keep this case in the forefront. Stacy & the family need everyones voice.

Anonymous said...

political motivated public officials sucking their thumbs like the wrong chess move on a board game. all Will County cares aboout now is political image not arresting and moving toward closure.

Anonymous said...

The case has been a joke since Kathy Savio was murdered!

Anonymous said...

What are they for over in that County, the holy ghost to appear. Can't we elect people in office who will do their jobs? Passing the blame, explain that to Stacy & Kathys children.

Anonymous said...

I think its strange for the Will County crime fighter an elected official to be so silent. Is this a political year? maybe that would explain why nothing is happening

Anonymous said...

After everything that has not happened starting with the death of wife #3 who at that office can really be trusted.Is this also in the same county as Lisa Stebic case? If so you have a much greater problem. Are there any other unsolved murders in Will County? Or what about similar murders and the person has not ever been charged? Has anyone checked that out?

Anonymous said...

What about Drew Peterson co-workers those men who stood side by side for so many years. Interesting not one retired or otherwise comes forward. Cowards everone of them for not doing their jobs.

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