Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Cop on Cop 2005 Murders" Spared Death Penalty

Police Officer Adam Vazquez Police Officer Leslie Holiday

Today, in a Baltimore courtroom, Former Police Eugene Victor Perry was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of his former girlfriend and a co-worker.

The life sentence goes deeper than discussion or words in a courtroom. It really applies to the loved ones left behind, forced to carry on their lives without their beloved family members.

Officer Leslie Holiday had three children, who have been orphaned by a man filled with rage and hate. No sentence on the earth is going to compare with how these children have been forced to live their lives from the moment they received the news, that Mom, was never returning home, again.

Officer Adam Vazquez's family will also be forced to live in the same imprisionment without, their family member.

Every holiday, birthday and anniversay that passes is also a prision sentence for each of these families.

That is the real story!

Link to Today's story:,0,3451944.story

Video from 2005-

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Anonymous said...

When you write posts like this I see a little sprinkle of your mom in how you choose your words. No I do not know you or her, it is just my observation.

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