Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The State of Texas: Victims of Intimate Partner Violence and Homicide Ignored?

On Tuesday Afternoon in a Texas South Welfare Services building, Kimberly Lee Gonzalez, 25, and the mother of three young children was found murdered in a bathroom stall.

In the moments prior, state workers witnessed Kimberly's common-law husband follow her into the women's restroom.  The door of the stall is torn of its hinges.  Workers find Kimberly slumped over and bleeding from the head, barely breathing.  She is rushed to the hospital in Corpus Christi where she dies.  A few hours later husband is arrested on suspicion of murder.

How the heck can it be that employees in a welfare office know this is her common law husband?

Where was the security detail provided by the State in the building when the sound of the metal being ripped from the stall occurred?

Where was everyone at the time she screamed for her life? Is it easier to say no one saw or heard anything for fear of a lawsuit by the family?  If they knew the husband followed her into that bathroom, they also know and heard the fight and piercing screams in that bathroom.

So how can we prevent this from happening in the future?  First, think about the loss of a human life. Three children are now motherless.  The State of Texas will, at the taxpayers expense and because the husband is alive, either plea bargain a deal or go to trial.  This will cost a minimum of $205,000 from taxpayer pockets either way, no one wins.  The price does not include his new life behind bars provided by the State until the day he dies.

Intimate Partner violence costs us all.  In part due to lack of tools and resources, followed by rarely treating these cases as crimes.  Remember, no one came to Kimberly's aide!

Because everything is dollars and cents with human life, consider that for a fraction of what this tragic murder has, and is going to cost, I could have been brought in to the State of Texas, trained everyone in that building and held class (Spanish and English) for recipients in, or suspected of, domestic violence and stalking receiving benefits from social services welfare department.

The training is for Any person who is likely to have contact with victims of domestic violence and the desire to be a point-of-contact for life saving documentation can be trained.
* Law Enforcement* Victim Advocates* Attorneys and Para Legals* Therapists* Domestic Violence Agencies
*Women’s Organizations* Social Service workers*Emergency Room Personnel* Public Health Nurses*911 Responders
*Jails* Court Personnel*Prosecutors/State Agencies* Private Physicians* College Campus Personnel
* Clergy

If you need personal assistance I can be contacted through 
or by email at

 Susan Murphy Milano is a staff member of the Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Education as a educator and specialist with intimate partner violence prevention strategies directing prevention for high risk situations and cases.

 A national trainer to law enforcement, training officers, prosecutors, judges, legislators, social service providers, healthcare professionals, victim advocates and the faith based community and author.. In partnership with Management Resources Ltd. of New York addressing prevention and solutions within the community to the workplace. Host of The Susan Murphy Milano Show,"Time'sUp!" . She is a regular contributor to the nationally syndicated "The Roth Show" with Dr Laurie Roth and a co-host onCrime Wire. Online contributions: Forbes : Crime, She Writes providing commentary about the hottest topics on crime, justice, and law from a woman’s perspective, as well as Time's Up! a blog which searches for solutions (SOS) for victims of crime.

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