Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Leave a Dangerous Man: Managing Abuse and Leaving with Your Life: The Susan Murphy Milano Show 2:00 PM Eastern Thursday 1/12/2012

Thursday, January 12, 2pm ET

Listen LIVE at: Here Women Talk

Sandra L. Brown, M. A. from The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Pathology Ed..., and Susan Murphy Milano welcome a special guest to the show who will walk the listeners through the measures taken to keep herself safe and alive.

For a year, she studied the book, “Time’s Up,” line by line, and followed the information contained to the letter, completing the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit, and leaving her abuser safely.  She offered to come to the show to take the opportunity to explain to listeners the benefits to doing the work involved to live an abuse free life.

If you’re living in an abusive hell, this is a show you will want to make a point to listen to.  BEFORE you announce to your abuser that it’s over, you are leaving, or you are filing for divorce, there are specific steps you must take to manage your safety. Do not walk out with out it!
The Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (E.A.A.)© is the mastermind process of violence expert Susan Murphy Milano that combines videotaping of an abuse victims’ actual words attesting to abuse, with witnessed and notarized legal documents that successfully satisfy legal hurdles often faced in intimate partner violence and stalking cases.
Document the Abuse.Com contains vital information on how the EAA can support each case of abuse from the perspective of the first responders and advocates, to an appearance in court.  It explains the legal benefits to the abuse victim, whether they are able to testify or not, how their words are forever documented and hold up in court, much like a Living Will.

I'm excited for this empowering show and like you say, keeping yourself 10 steps ahead is the key. i know i speak for others as well, we all pray for a successful survival and you Susan, have given us the tools to do so.
Completing an EAA educates how to stay safe along with taking all necessary steps to properly Document The Abuse. In addition, along with an emotional sense of security, if anything were to happen, the EAA will be in the hands of the appropriate agency for the appropriate actions and justice can be served because all steps to protect your safety and Document The Abuse have been taken. Thank you Susan for dedicating your life to educating and saving women's lives. forever grateful- comment from a survivor.

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Maryellen Hess Cameron said...

There are many advocates working tirelessly to educate victims. Despite this many who want to leave are so overwhelmed and afraid they don't know what steps to take. Anything that provides a concrete "how to" will make the goal feel achievable. Resources like this can hold the victim's hand through the process even if the advocate can't be physically present.

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