Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Crime, She Writes: Connecting The Dots: Part 4

Ashley Taylor

Last week on a broadcast of The Susan Murphy Milano Show, “Time’s Up!”Faye Taylor, Michael Taylor and investigative reporter Phil Cross with FOX News discussed the case of missing Ashley Taylor as well as other murders in Weleetka, Oklahoma. (download podcast, for the show on Forbes.)

To Read more on the Story on Forbes Click Here

Phil Cross Investigative Reporter link above for continued coverage


Anonymous said...

My jaw is on the floor after reading all four parts. WOW!

Rest in peace to the victims and may justice be served.

Anonymous said...

You pay for the rest of your life for dialing those 3 numbers. Why do they have police domestic vilonce on Facebook? Police know how to get into those accounts .
As I sit here writing in fear, they just aired a Judge whipping his child with a belt!
News media asked that Judge point blank " do you feel that was violent " (don't quote me on those words) He stated ....I dont want get into that, it was so long ago! So....after we all dial those 3 numbers ....you are never forgiven. No mater how many times you beg for forgiveness. Even though it was a day, a very bad day, a breaking point of 25 years.

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