Friday, August 5, 2011

Five Years and Counting: The Murder of Renee Pagel

It is difficult to imagine after 5 years the only suspect named by police, that this case is no further along then when the body of Renee Pagel stabbed to death (after donating a kidney to a complete stranger) in her home was discovered on August 5, 2006.

Renee, a nurse and grade school teacher was just days away from finalizing her divorce. The evening of August 5, 2006, her 3 children were in the care of her mother-in-law. There was no sign of a struggle, break-in or robbery. The weapon used to stab her to death has never been recovered. The suspect, her estranged husband, has yet to be interviewed by law enforcement. And during today's "Time's Up" radio show on this case, Holly Hughes a defense attorney out of Atlanta, explains he (the only suspect) has the right not to be questioned or cooperate with authorities. Perhaps if authorities actually did their jobs back in 2006, and worked the case, (now there is a concept) the only suspect would be arrested.

Now, it is being shipped to the Cold case unit. In my opinion, that is a slap in the face for this mother, sister, friend and victim of an intimate partner homicide who deserves justice. Not slammed in some cold case metal cabinet to be dusted off each time a reporter or anyone else makes an inquiry on the status of this no justice, no investigation, but plenty of invisible lip service case.

As always someone knows the truth. And perhaps in this case it's an "all in the family secret!"

Regardless, when law enforcement does not do their jobs in cases of intimate partner homicide, they are screaming out to the world that it is acceptable, in my opinion, to murder your wife in cold blood!

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Christine Otto Crandle in another interview with the media


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