Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exclusive: Kathleen Savio's Fight for Justice

The conversation regarding the abuse Kathleen Savio suffered at the hands of Drew Peterson should have begun in 1993 when she was treated at an Illinois hospital for the deep gash she received on her head by her then police officer husband. But it not.

From 1993 thru 2002 we will never know for certain how often Kathleen Savio placed calls for assistance to either 911 or the Bolingbrook police department where her then husband was employed because she was being stalked and beaten. Every move she made was tracked by either Peterson or his buddy Richard Mimms. Believing she had an avenue for assistance

Kathleen Savio found herself on the steps of the Will County courthouse. Once inside the safety of the metal detectors Kathleen headed up the elevator to meet with the State's Attorney. As a follow up to her conversations, she documented and prepared letters, pleading for help. Here also, no one will ever know how many times she dialed that office because they is no record. Those letters would surface after she was found dead in 2004, but they were useless. As evidenced during the coroner's inquest to determine her cause of death, changing the death certificate from accidental to homicide. But they did not happen.

And it was not likely the truth would ever be told, until 2007 when Stacy Peterson, the current wife would be reported missing by her sister Cassandra Cales.

Yesterday, on Intimate Partner Homicide, hosted by Sheryl McCollum, Holly Hughes and Susan Murphy Milano, in an exclusive interview with Kathleen's sister Sue Domain, provided a glimpse into this woman's life and nightmare of abuse, stalking and violence.

Why didn't anyone listen? Why was her death never investigated properly? And why did it take another woman to go missing before anyone would believe Kathleen's accusations of abuse? This is perhaps one of the best documented cases of abuse and murder where a victim has been silenced by a justice system created to serve and protect. Instead they all stood silent, carrying her body to the grave site.

I invite you to download or listen to the show replay here by turning up the volume on your computer. Or, you can go to www.blogtalkradio.com/susanmurphymilano to download the show.

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