Monday, June 28, 2010

Special Investigation: The Silent Crimes On College Campuses: The Susan Murphy Milano Show: Monday June 28, 2010 at 9:00 PM EST and 8:00 PM CST

The "CLERY Act," requires institutions of higher education receiving federal financial aid to report specified crime statistics on college campuses and to provide other safety and crime information to members of the campus community.

But what happens when a University tries to hide and cover-up serious violent crimes on campus?

Join us as we investigate and discuss the silence on the college campus at Husson University in Bangor, Maine. And the tragic murder of Yeardley Love at the University of Virginia.

Our amazing line-up for tonight’s show includes Anny Jacoby, Owner/President of The Realistic Female Self-Defense Company.

Dr. James F Anderson a Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at East Carolina University. Dr. James F. Anderson is a noted author of several books. he received a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from San Houston State University and a M.S. in Criminology from Alabama State University.

Peter Hyatt Investigator, State of Maine Statement Analysis Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation and Consultant on Crime Wire a show about unsolved and suspicious deaths.

Time: 9:00 PM EST 8:00 PM CST 7:00 PM PST

Call-in Number: (347) 326-9337

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Anonymous said...

Last year, I had a 4.0 gpa in my MBA graduate program at a private religious university in Texas whenever I posted an ad for a roommate and got a call back from a very charming guy who was funny, polite, clean, respectful and complimenting. Soon after he moved in, he lost his job, stopped paying his share of rent and bills, and he quickly became very verbally aggressive and physically controlling.

After he assaulted me one night, he abandoned the property and moved out, thank goodness, but he came back often in attempts to talk to me. He would bang on my front door at 1:30 a.m. demanding to speak with me, leave me gifts, sit outside my house in his car all night long, follow me places, attempt to break into my home, vandalize my property, contact my family members, post comments about me online to ruin my reputation, call me twenty times a day being sweet, then demanding, then angry....then threatening.

It escalated over the course of several months while the police kept giving him warnings and letting him go. He would always talk his way out of it and act like he had no idea I didn't want to talk to him...very charming guy, even to other men.

To me, he acted like, and stated that, he wanted to ruin me and everything that was important to me. I was afraid for my life and was certain he was planning to kill me. He told me he was going to poison my dogs and tried to throw treats over my fence that they wouldn't eat.

I was afraid to leave my home. I was afraid to sleep. I couldn't focus and fell behind in my coursework. I notified my professors, my advisor, other staff, but no one did or said anything in response. My advisor did not give me academic advising about my ceased progress in my courses, refer me to a counselor, and in fact, when I asked to talk to a counselor, they told me that counselors were only available to students who were on the main campus.

I asked for Incomplete grades in my classes to give me more time to finish my assignments, which were granted by the professors, but when the dean was asked for his final approval, he denied them, and I failed both courses. At first he said that I could get the grades changed to Withdraws and get my money back, but then after I had already started the semester again and paid to retake the classes with expectations of being reimbursed, he said that he never said that.

I lost my scholarship, my financial aid, and I was a total mess with no advocate, student support services, empathy or accommodations from anyone. Why would they? If I failed, I would have to pay to take the courses again; a gain for them. I couldn't go to a different school then, because what MBA program is going to take me with F grades on my transcript?

I tried filing grievances through the school's system, but that just took so much time and energy out of me that I ended up then falling behind on another class again. Again, they would not assist me, and I failed. I had never failed anything before in my life and have always been an excellent student. I'm now kicked out of the program in my final year of my academics. Apparently I have absolutely no rights as a victimized student in the private higher educational setting when it comes to domestic violence and stalking, because I've looked everywhere for an advocate, but I have gotten a lot of wild goose chases in terms of advise, and it has just used up so much time.

...I'm worn out now...a year later...I need help if you happen to know what I should do.

Please e-mail

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