Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Special Place in Hell For Killer With A Badge?

A cop whom according to reports and former officers working along side of him "should have been stripped of his commission as a law enforcement" officer long ago. A departments rank and file that looked the way over an anrgry and controlling cop on Friday evening cost two people and possibly a third their lives.

Charlotte Grahn filed for divorce in August of 2009. She was afraid of her husband a Clackamas County, Oregon deputy sheriff. Charlotte believed if she pressed charges for the beatings he would get fired from his job. And that would only make Jeffrey Grahn more violent. But others knew like Sheriff Craig Roberts and on a private site for law enforcement someone in the know commented:

"Unfortunately the guy had been unstable for quite a while and the Boss chose to ignore it. This is not a surprise for those who had to work with Grahn.

When you're married, have kids, choose to get a girlfriend in the courthouse, that ends up getting you moved from the courthouse to graveyard patrol. When you suck as a Patrol Sgt. because none of the troops trust you, then you divorce your wife, but can't control her afterwards..... God speed Charlotte, you were an angel to put up with him.
Grahn...rot in hell!!"

Another law enforcement officer on site said:
"Suffice it to say that for those of us that had to work with this SOB, this was no surprise. Ask yourself why senior guy's who could hold day shift for the rest of their careers would bid off to nights when Grahn bid days?"

Charlotte was out for the evening with two of her girlfriends and a local establishment in town. Jeffrey Grahn walked in and the couple began to have a heated discussion. She went outside to get away from him. He shot her in the parking lot. Then this piece of grabage went back inside and shot the pther two women and the table. Kathleen Hoffmeister died instantly and Victoria Schulmerich is in critical condition fighting for her life. After shooting all three women Jeffrey Grahn committed suicide.

Now, three children are orphans because a small town refused to see that Jeffrey Grahn had no buisiness as a sworn law enforcement officer. They all knew that this guy was trouble. They all knew he was dangerous and yet his remained in a position of authority. Grahn could not deal with the fact that his wife was no longer under his private lock and key.

Because the police department and the union looked away they need to be held accountable. The Grahn children and the surviving families of the two victims shot likely have a lawsuit to file in the near future. The Attorney General John Kroger office needs to hire a special task force and make approppriate command changes within this depatrtment. A state-wide protocol should be considered and implemented for officers going through divorce. As in this tragic case the rank and file including the employee's within the department must be held accountable.

No one was willing to take action and come forward when Grahn started exhibiting strange behavior.

On Friday, February 12, 2oo9, the brotherhood of the badge kept it's code of silence and innocent lives were hijacked all in the name of shear ignorance.


sad49 said...

Out standing. Thank you so much. I must say, because of so many like you, has made me stronger and more positive to move forward for justice.

God bless,

Rosa Torres-Sadler

Dawn said...

Dear Susan,

This happened in my neck of the woods. Waking up to this horrific news this week put my stomach in convulsions. I immediately thought of you and your multiple year, uphill fight to raise awareness on how law enforcement protects their own, even their abusers.

The other point... this is another tragic example of why WOMEN DON'T LEAVE! Can society please see how dangerous it is now. I am also so sad about her friends who were targeted by his insanity. They were simply supporting their friend.
Thank you for posting this in your journal.

Dawn Schiller

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