Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's Make A Deal

Sandra Viramontes, 30, of Chicago, was beaten and bruised covering 90 percent of her body. No one could say for sure how many hours she was unconscious before her mother received a call from her son-in-law saying her daughter needed medical attention.

When the mother walked in to her daughter’s home Luis Viramontes, the son-in-law was gone in his place a relative who stood by and did nothing until the mother shouted to call 911. But it was too late.

At the hospital a trauma doctor informed the family “they had never seen anybody get a beating like that before.” Sandra’s had been beaten and bruised over 90 percent of her body. After the doctors ran tests the family was told her injuries were not survivable and two weeks later while in her mother’s she was taken off life support.

According to the Chicago Tribune Luis Viramontes was initially charged with aggravated domestic battery and attempted murder, according to court records. He turned himself 3 days after the beating to police on Jan. 13, 2010. He was out on $500,000 and ordered to wear a GPS monitoring device bail but was back in police custody Sunday, waiting to be charged with her murder.

My question is how the hell was this bozo allowed bail in the first place? Her condition was critical and she was not going to survive her injuries. Maybe the judge who set his bond did not consider Luis, "oh so gentle" as dangerous.

This is a classic case of senseless and ignorant denial. It makes my skin crawl when I read comments made by members or friends of a killer’s family, “he always been real gentle.” Another comment as if to set the tone when this case goes to trial, “Luis couldn’t sleep or he cried nonstop.” Was this before during and after the beating? Or was it only when this cowardly individual realized he’d better have a few witnesses to testify as to his acting out the part of showing remorse for murdering his wife and the mother of his two young children? He probably thought it all out and carefully deciding what he would tell the person who will represent him that he lost control or it was an accident he had no intention of hurting her. The defense attorney will respond something like “I’ll talk to the State and see if we can get the charges reduced to manslaughter or second degree murder. Or maybe he’ll get his client a deal. You know so he will not have to spend the rest of his life in prison.

To the family of Luis Viramontes' who are having trouble reconciling the charges against him with what they know about his personality. That is the million dollar question for which the answer is clear. Your “loving, gentle and warm” blood relative is nothing but a cold blooded murderer.

My Prayer’s are for Sandra’s children and her family. When Luis Viramontes killed Sandra he removed what will never be replaced, a precious life!


Anonymous said...

FYI he's out on bail again. I cannot comprehend why our justice system has allowed a man that has done such a horrific crime be let out on bail again!

Anonymous said...

who are we to judge we dont know exactly what happen or what condition they were both in i honestly dont think he is a killer

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