Monday, February 8, 2010

Gloria Allred: Hit or Miss?

I was disturbed by the recent publicity stunt of famed attorney Gloria Allred and her client, porn star Joslyn James[photo left], over a company selling golfs balls called "Tail of the Tiger".

The balls were produced by a company called Creative Classics out of Canada and are sold with the names and pictures of the 12 alleged ladies with whom Tiger Woods sought sexual pleasure outside his marriage.

Now, let me be clear, I have no issue with Ms. Allred, I do however take it as a personal slap in the face when anyone claims that using these specific balls condones violence against women. That is absurd!

During the press conference Gloria Allred used a large graphic to demonstrate that swinging a club and hitting these balls furthers violence. I could see if a company produced ammunition or pocket knives with pictures of women, but golf balls?

Joslyn James then spoke and said she is is angry that a Canadian company has put her portrait on a golf ball it is selling as part of its "Mistress Collection," "I feel that it is wrong for a golf ball to have my picture on it because golfers hit their golf balls with a lot of force," she said.

Then I nearly fell out of my chair as I heard the porn star Joslyn James say:

"As a victim of violence myself, it bothered me to think that someone would be standing with a dangerous club in their hands hitting a ball with my photo on it."

Golf is a game played on a course that involves hitting balls into holes and unless a club is used to threaten a person similar to a baseball bat there is no danger. And yet, instead of simply holding a press conference saying a class action lawsuit would be filed or they were upset with this company for producing golf balls, these two women are using a life and death epidemic and swinging it around as if to imply it is dangerous to women.

In my opinion Pornography, those who work, sell and produce these graphic images is by far more dangerous for women and young girls.

Joslyn James and Gloria Allred should each publicly apologize for this hair brain stunt!


Cathy said...

How can this woman lawyer with a straight face sit next to a porn star and act like this is violence against women?

Anonymous said...

I agree on this one. Complete miss. I ususally admire Gloria Allred's work and her opnion on cases, but this one was just plain weird! Very weird.

Kay Dunton, Manhattan said...

It appears Gloria Allred has turned what was once a lovely and noble career of justice into a parking lot filled with a junk yard of porn queen's seeking their 15 minutes of fame.

Gloria should consider permanent retirement.

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