Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Killing me in the Courtroom" on The Susan Murphy Milano Show

When a woman makes the painful decision to exit a violent marriage and does not have the opportunity to plan a course of action the outcome can be devastating. The strength required to end the nightmare of abuse can break not only bones but, mind and spirit. And for many in violent relationships like Stacy Peterson, Susan Powell, Renee Pernice, Rachel Conger, Lisa Stebic and others once they announced the decision to leave they were never heard or seen from, again.

On The Susan Murphy Milano Show today is Claudine Dombrowski a noted expert on Mothers Without Custody and Katie Parks a mother from Ohio currently in divorce court and in my opinion, with a manipulative and abusive estranged husband.

DATE: January 13, 2010

TIME: 3:00 PM Central Standard Time

Live call in Number: 347-326-9337

Show Link:

If you are unable to listen live, return to this site and the show will automatically play. Just remember to turn on and up the volume on your computer.
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Burl Barer said...

Susan -- keep up the wonderful work, and thank you so much for your help with our guests this coming Saturday on True Crimes. The topic of Human Trafficking is an important one, and the fact that the #1 destination of "slaves" is the USA is especially upsetting.

Burl Barer

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