Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Clay County Florida Community Remains in Danger"

Thus far the person responsible for the murder of 7 year-old Somer Thompson has yet to be apprehended by authorities. Since I first learned from sources how this child died it is of great concern to me, that this indivdual still, responsible for murdering Somer, remains at large.

In checking the area where the family lives, I am disturbed by the fact there are 19 offenders whom live in a one mile radius of the home. A predator living just 0.4 miles from the home and school according to the Florida Offender neighborhood registry listing a few of the offender addresses literally backs up to the court yard of the school. One predator can actually climb over their fence and into the school yard. Isn't that in violation of probation? Isn't an offender required by law not to live a minimum 1000 feet from any school? Where are the parole agents? Who is monitoring these dangerous pedators?

During a vigil for Somer Thompson just hours before her body was discovered in a garbage dump sources whom attended the virgil aledge there was a man covered up in a windbreaker (the weather was in the mid 80's), baseball cap and possible marks or scratches to the face just standing around at the gathering. So while police were trying to locate the young girl no one thought about the fact that this man could have actually shown up and possibly was right there before their eyes. Perhaps a news camera crew or an individual with a video of the that night could look and see if they captured those in attendance that evening.

The siting of the man was reported but apparently according to sources it was not followed up for a few days. Then within 48 hours of Somer's murder a neighbor was followed suspiciously by someone in a truck. She dialed 911, but was blown off for being paranoid. A week later detectives made a report of the incident.

According to Jaemi Levine, Founder and President of Mother's Against Predators Orange County has become a ghost town. The parks, playground's and neighborhood's are empty. It is as though everyone all vanished. People are remaining in their homes. The community absolutely terrified."

This man responsible is still out there. Mothers Against Predators is curious as to why the Orange County Police Department have not released the photo's of "Absconded" offenders whom are no longer living at their registered address to America's Most Wanted and other news outlets.

The community and the family of Somer Thompson have been spared the gruesome details of how this precious gift of life was murdered. Maybe they need to be told? Maybe the community needs to demand answers? And maybe by informing the community and the media a predator can be removed from society so that another child does not have to die!


Lakeland said...

I can see keeping how the child died quiet. It seems to me if registered criminals are missing the public needs to know this information.

Mary Baird said...

This is a horrifying story. The sad reality is there are murders like this in every state. Law enforcement needs to be proactive find this killer and they need to be castrate the sex offenders!

Anonymous said...

If this post proves anything, it is that sex offenders and murdering animals should spend their life in prison and never given the change at parole.

Grandma in Stoughton

Fred Mathews said...

I pray the killer of this child is found and brought to justice. Thank you for keeping us aware on the case and the short falls in the current monitoring system.

Sean McAllister said...

Why did I get a link to this story through the tag "aaliyah bedwell"? Please dont tell me your ANOTHER wacko on that bandwagon..

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