Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moving Out, Moving On: The Book that Saves!

momocoverpurple_ribbon_300In Honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Author and Expert Domestic Violence Strategist, Susan Murphy Milano, is offering her innovative book, Moving Out, Moving On at a discount to anyone who is in a violent relationship, or knows someone who needs to safely move away from abuse.

This book is available in quantity for agencies, shelters, coalitions and any other organizations who deal with victims of abuse.

For the month of October you can order a hard copy of the book which includes a CD of all of the important forms you will need to use. The hard copy (for $15 including postage) can be ordered at the following email:

Include your name, address and quantity and you will receive a quick response with further instruction.

If you would like an instant EBook copy it can be ordered by going to this link:


The Ebook also includes samples of forms to use, as well.

Moving Out, Moving On will not only save you thousands in dollars, it could very well save a life!

Through clear examination, simple forms and worksheets, Moving out, Moving on , logically takes the reader through all the necessary preparation and information gathering to effectively seek legal redress, protect one’s assets and credit, address considerations regarding children, define alternate living arrangements, and deal with the myriad of financial problems and concerns surrounding a divorce or break-up. Moving out, Moving on, also addresses in detail abusive relationships, domestic violence and stalking and how to safely confront these situations.

Moving out, Moving on , is more than a simple workbook, but a true plan to take control of one’s life and face the future head on. This is not just another “divorce book” written by a so called “expert.” Moving out, Moving on, is authored by a person who truly knows…Susan Murphy-Milano

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mike graham said...

great and i'll order one, but what do we do with the friend that i have been writing to you about??? she may be dead by the time i finish reading your book. EVERY social service agency has either stonewalled her or have turned their backs on her completely. her EX has even used the criminal justice system against her, he is still dragging her to court over a seven year old case of head lice and it is going to be heard by the ILLINOIS APPEALS COURT. she is a single other rarely getting her child support, forced into the system, and can't get any help. her parents have exhausted their retirement savings on attorney's that have been USELESS!!! MS. MILANO, i'm worried this lady will be on the five o'clock news some day and not in a good way. please send her in some direction to people that will help her....

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