Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Bionic Woman"

As our lives sweep past in a blink of an eye we appreciate life and all its' gifts often too late in our lives. Childhood often seems like a torture chamber never old enough to do anything or always being told what to do by adults as we keep our eye on the prize when someday we reach adulthood.

Then once we reach adulthood we make many mistakes that hopefully become lessons into our later years.

On facebook, this morning a woman with whom I have not seen or spoke with in 25 or more years re-connected with me. We knew one another through our husbands both at the time in business. I was delighted to learn that she was still married to the same man while I was on husband number..let's say I am embarrassed and have lost count long ago. Her children grown with a family of their own a tribute to the way Marilyn has lived her life. With purpose, value and tradition she planted the seeds taught by her own family generations before.

I also learned Marilyn battled and survived cancer with her family surrounding her, and a mighty courage she beat it.

Marilyn is a woman silently woven in the foundation of traditions slowly disappearing on the American landscape that make the sunshine brighter each day.

The crime for all of us is when we do not take time with our families. When we allow outside influences to chizzle at the very foundation that can never be captured once it is gone.

In Marilyn's closing remarks to me she said "I am blessed", no Marilyn we are all blessed for your contributions as a woman, mother, grandmother, cancer survivor and teacher.

You are truly a Bionic Woman!

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