Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Legislation For Missing and Vanished

Legislation Changes For The Missing
Peace4 the Missing member, Jan Smolinski, has tirelessly worked over 2 years to make sure that other families of the missing do not have to endure the painful process she and her family have been through while searching for answers about the disappearance of son, William "Billy" Smolinski.

An important Group has been formed at Peace4 the Missing to mobilize ALL Missing Persons organizations, no matter how large or small, to UNITE and do all we can to make sure that our nation's law enforcement agencies will be consistently using proper procedures when conducting investigations concerning the missing. Please join us and make this happen! Legislation Group
From Jan Smolinski:

The number of hurting hearts and lives tragically interrupted in this country are enormous, however, there may be an answer in the way of National Legislation.After two years of emails, phone conversations and a meeting with Mr. Todd Stein, Senator Lieberman's Washington DC office, a draft for a bill is being written and with the Grace of God an eventual bill is within site, final destination Congress.It does not matter who accomplished this, it's the fact that our citizens may have a little reprieve from the daily struggles of not knowing.Please consider what this means for our country. Right now to achieve the final goal it does take a village and in order for this to become a bill your support is absolutely needed.

Please copy and paste the letter below and send it to the Federal Legislators from you state and/or Senator Lieberman's DC office directly.

The clock is ticking, together, we can help ease the burdens of the many lives shattered senselessly.Thank you, please consider what this means and let your conscience be your guide.

Address: The Honorable Joseph I. Lieberman

United States Senate706 Hart Senate Office BuildingWashington, D.C. 20510-0703DC

Phone: 202-224-4041DC Fax: 202-224-9750

Electronic Correspondence: Homepage: http://lieberman.senator/

Dear Senator Lieberman:

There are 150,000 Missing and 60,000 Unidentified dead in our country. This is a Silent Crisis and can be eliminated with the proper implementation of modern technology. The process has begun through the efforts of Connecticut Senator Lieberman to change the law in our country and help our citizens achieve the peace of knowing what happened to their loved ones.We need to acquire the proper investigations after careful evaluation by law enforcement in our great nation with each and every case reported. It is important to follow proper protocol knowing that the first 24, 48, 72 hours are the most vital to retrieve evidence when trying to solve a case. Properly trained Law Enforcement will enhance safety, keep up with modern technology and become the CSI society most Americans believe we have already become.The failure to identify the UID may allow a predator (serial killer) to escape detection and continue to prey on more victims.Coroners and Medical examiners must under all circumstances when unidentified remains are found to enter DNA properly in a concise manner into the national database ( CODIS).The NamUs Program instituted by the Department of Justice is now able to be fully utilized. The program is only as good as the authorities who enter proper information accurately into the system. To date our country lacks the proper communication.Consequently by properly entering information into the Missing Persons section of Namus and information entered into the Unidentified side, matches are currently being made. The database has proven to be of value.There is a manual already available for all authorities to have as reference but to date lacks the funding,it needs to be publicized and in the hands of the very authorities whom we depend on on a daily basis.The manual was was authored by a panel of national experts representing investigators (IHIA, FOP, FBI etc), medical examiners/coroners ( NAME and IACME), victim families, groups ( NCMEC) and other experts...anthropologists, ethics (APA) . CODIS and NCIC, and prosecutors (NADA) etcWe are all striving to make our country a better place to live and put the criminals away.Ultimately we may one day be able to walk the streets again knowing our lives are in the very hands of the authorities when properly trained will truly give meaning to the Code of Ethics Oath they must take when sworn into office.Please listen to our pleas, there are thousands across this country to date who need answers and can not move forward until they are able to help lift the burdens in their hearts by not knowing.Yes, this country is in an economic crisis, however should we not start at the root of our very country, our families, our future to allow funding needed and implement a law for the well being of our citizens?After all no one is exempt.We are asking for the support of all Federal Legislators to review and encourage the progress already taken place by Senator Lieberman and carefully consider all issues mentioned above. We are also asking to expedite the draft into a bill, to be presented to Congress in the near future.This needs to be a National effort inorder to work properly and become effective.Thank you


Be sure to include your name and family information on your missing loved one.

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