Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Georgia's New Sex Offender Law

ATLANTA (AP Newswires) -"Privacy advocates are questioning an aggressive Georgia law that went into effect on 1/1/2009, that would require sex offenders to hand over Internet passwords, screen names and e-mail addresses.

Georgia joins a small band of states complying with guidelines in a 2006 federal law requiring authorities to track Internet addresses of sex offenders, but it is among the first to take the extra step of forcing its 16,000 offenders to turn in their passwords as well."

Will the higher courts rule this new law unconstitutional? Lets hope not. Laws only go so far. It's also up to the parents who children go on a computer without proper monitoring.

Attempting to keep the Internet safe or children is like trying to create a safe play zone on the LosAngeles freeway. It is impossible.

The internet is too large, ever growing, ever changing with more and more regulations this will merely force the sexual predators to be more clever.

The only way to keep children safe while on the Internet is for parents to oversee what their child is doing. A careful, ever vigilant parent is the best form of protection any child can have.

And perhaps pre-ordering a copy of LA Prosecutor Robin Sax's new book.

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