Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bloody Begining For 2009

We begin the New Year with many casualities in the silent epidemic of domestic violence. We can't ignore the facts. These tragedies are not isolated incidents. There are others I did not list because police have not officially determined the cause of death. If you believe this is not your problem, you are incorrect. When the police respond to a call for help or a crime scene who do you think pays for those visits? You Do as a taxpayer. When fire, rescue squards and swat teams respond to a sitation, We Pay For That, Too! Until we begin as a nation to see this a real crime, expect the death toll to rise. If you are a church member consider asking your church to start an awareness program. Go to a city council meeting and ask if information can be sent to households in the community on how to be safe in an abusive environment. Check with the local school board in your area and ask if there are programs for teen domestic violence and perhaps a parent outreach. We all have a voice when it involves prevention, lets use it!

A tragic discovery over the weekend began with 3 children ages 2,4 & 8 knocking on a neighbors doors asking for something to eat. The oldest informed the neighboor his "Mom's legs were covered in blood." Another child, just 9 months old, screeming from behind a locked bedroom door. The children had been in the apartment for approximately 3 days. Upon entering the apartment, the neighbor was hit with the foul stench of death. The baby continued to scream. The door was locked. he kicked it in to find the baby covered in blood and badly soiled.

The bodies of Hannah Crowe 26 and Julian Wallulatum 21were discovered Saturday after the older children asked a neighbor to help.
In North Carolina on New Years day-- Officials say a standoff with a man believed to have killed his ex-wife and two other women in western North Carolina ended when the man killed himself early Friday morning.
Buncombe County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Ross Dillingham said that Richard Heatwole killed his ex-wife, Angela Heatwole. The other victims were Divina Gracia Agulto, 44, who is believed to have rented a room from Richard Heatwole; and Lesley Curtis Moore Keogh, 43, who was found dead on the porch of her home . Then the serial killer abducted his two children ages 6 and 10. When the Swat team arrived Richard Heatwole was holding his two children hostage. Thank God he did not harm them. During the standoff, he took his own life. The children were found safe.
In California on New Years day, Investigators found the bodies of Gabriela Galvan, 33, and her 50-year-old live-in boyfriend, Lino Farias, in El Cajon.
Neighbors say the couple appeared to have a good relationship and can't believe this happened. James Christman says the couple only moved in a few months ago.
In Monteal Canada a Father and Mother of 3 small children ,who had lost their jobs decide to kill their children and then themselves in a suicide pack. The mother survives. Her three children and husband are dead. Police charge her in their murders.
In Arizona, a man murdered a woman and then committed suicide.
In Indiana an angry husband guns down his estranged wife in an apparent murder-suicide that happened in broad daylight with children present. The man drove his vehicle into his estranged wife's vehicle on a street before shooting her about 11:30 a.m. Monday. Police responding to the scene found 37-year-old Ella Minix dead in her vehicle and her husband, 40-year-old Jonathan Minix, dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in his vehicle a short distance away. Police say the Winamac couple were recently separated. Hines says two children, ages 10 and 13, also were in the woman's car but neither one was injured.


Cargo said...

Wow, within a few short days all these murders. How come the media isn't reporting on these deaths at the national level? When the man killed 9 people on christmas eve it was all over the news. But you did not see anyone offering concrete solutions or going into more detail how wide spread violence is in the home.

Rosie-TX said...

While the internet has certainly made us all aware of cases like Caylee Anthony, Drew Peterson and OJ you don't see much changing with prevention on the horizon.

Happy New Year.

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