Friday, May 16, 2008

War On Crime Radio Sunday May 18, 2008

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Sunday's Line-up!

Eleanor Dixon - Prosceutor, She's a hard-nosed attorney from the South with a touch of sugar. With a strong desire to reach out to others in her career, prosecutor Eleanor Dixon began her career working with high school students as a teacher. After spending almost eight years building a solid legal career for herself, she's returned to helping children as the head of the crimes against women and children unit at the Cobb County District Attorney's Office near Atlanta.

Clint Van Zandt of Van Zandt Associates, Inc. is an international threat and risk assessment group, specializing in behavioral and forensic analysis. Their primary focus is protecting our client's corporate reputation and brand integrity by means of our forensic consulting and threat analysis services. We are dedicated to the goal of providing our clients with a practical, multi-disciplinary response to their investigative and analytical needs. Our team brings swift, logical, and discreet risk assessment and resolution assistance to corporate investigative issues. His web site link-

Susan Murphy Milano, Family violence strategist, advocate and author of Defending Our Lives, getting away from domestic violence & staying safe and Moving Out Moving On. site link-

Niki Hunter, will also be on the panel providing the latest updates from her site-


Maggie's Rose said...

FANTASTIC SHOW! So incredible to hear such esteemed sources discussing Lilly Aramburo's case! Thank You all so much!

Had no idea that they had applied for a marriages license! I imagine that shortly after this Lilly checked in to drug rehab...apparently Christen wasn't too fond of the idea of becoming a "Dad" to Palden. Why else would he pick his FIANCE up from DRUG REHAB to take her to FAMILY COURT regarding her custody of Palden and on the way apparently either do drugs with her or DRUG HER...I'm seriously tending to think it was the latter.

Yogini said...

Loved the show. I love the way Susan is so skillful in bringing attention back to the topic at hand. The point is she is MISSING. The last people to see her alive have not been investigated or questioned by police. The evidence speaks for itself. MDPD didn't make her case a priority. Far from it.In fact, they did the opposite. They made her case inactive, without ever starting their investigation. They have repeatedly ignored her family and phone calls, emails and requests for meetings.
Thank you Susan and every person on the show. I never thought I'd hear Mr. Clint Van Zandt comment on our Lilly. Thank you all...

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