Thursday, May 1, 2008

Drew Peterson: Caution Lane Change Ahead

By the time you read this, one hundred and eighty- three days will have passed since Stacy Peterson, vanished.

It appears that Mr. Peterson, is offering a reward of sorts. Like a dog who eats their own vomit. He is "throwing up" this unusual amount of money. The same amount he "claims" she took when leaving in her red bikini back in October of 2007.

The Peterson camp announced a $25,000.00 (twenty five-thousand dollar) reward for the safe return of Stacy Peterson? Note the words "safe return", how clever. Drew Peterson knows all to well if wife number four turns up it will not be alive. Therefore, no reward would be paid out by Mr. Peterson or anyone else.

In my opinion, you would think that a man who goes on national television begging for the first ambulance driver, with a law license, who shows up at his doorstep, would have offered a reward the moment the mother of his children vanished.

The Peterson Camp's fifteen moments of fame, just changed lanes. Or in this case, camp fire locations.

Marshmallows anyone?

Mothers Day is right around the corner.
Friends, family and supports have created a web site on case updates and information regarding Stacy Peterson. And they could use everyone's support visit the web site at


Anonymous said...

Could Peterson be any more of an idiot? I fell bad for his boys watching all this.

Anonymous said...


That is all he is after.... Shame on him!!

I too feel so sorry for those innocent children and for Stacy having to put up with him as long as she did!

Anonymous said...

I agree shame on Drew Peterson for a crude stunt. I have confidence the ISP are closing in on this case. The only lights he will see is from a prison shower with a tv camera monitor going.

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