Monday, March 17, 2008

Cindy Bischof "Jumped Through Hoops"

Cindy Bischof did everything in her power, and yet, she tragically lost here life in spite of her efforts. While pleased that the story made the front page of the Sunday Chicago Tribune. Perhaps it will spark a fire under elected officicals to provide safety measures for victims that go beyond court orders of protection and jail time for offenders.

The headline across the Sunday paper read "The Law Didn't Save Her"

She tried a court order. She had him arrested. She took all the legal steps she could right up to the day her ex-boyfriend shot her dead in a parking lot. Here's link for the story:,1,2303253.story
In an earlier post on 3/11/2008 : I ask for the public's help.

And come to think of it, a CEO or two from companies like CitiCorp, Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, American Express, AT&T , just to name a few, would also fuel the measures required to meet the needs as it pertains to safety when women leave behind their lives and begin anew in order to be safe.

I have methods and strategies from my years of experience in working with victims across the country. But, one voice, or one newpaper article will not stop the bloodshed.
If this story has angered you , enough to do something, please either email me at or over at the website
When one life is lost, we all loose!


Anonymous said...

Until a judge or politician has a personal tragedy in their life you cannot expect much to be accomplished, except wishful thinking. But you get an A for trying.

Anonymous said...

If IL had a conceal & carry, it does not Cindy & others like her would be alive.

Anonymous said...

Why don't courts automatically put these guys arrested for domestic violence on a bracelet system. If this guy were tracked properly Cindy Bischof would be alive today.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the system should stop looking at these crimes like a family dispute. The word domestic seems to lesson the severity in such violent attacks.

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