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Brittanee Drexel: "Trusting and Faithful Friends"

These are photo's of missing teen Brittane Drexel sometime before she vanished from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on April 25, 2009. None of these kids in the photo's went to Myrtle Beach. And when Brittanee went missing they helped with flyers and searches unlike the kids that actually left her behind in South Carolina.

Unlike the kids who went with Brittanee and continue to claim they "did not know" Brittanee and yet the photo's from last week on the blog prove otherwise. They all go to Myrtle Beach for spring break with the underage teen. And they bolt out of town like lightening when her mother after receiving a call makes the 14 hour trip from Rochester, NY to search for her daughter.

Peter Hyatt an expert in Statement Analysis and Investigator talks about the importance of words used by those who likely commit or have knowledge of serious crimes. Their words are the window to the truth. And, in my opinion, it applies here in this case. When it is learned that Brittanee Drexel is no longer communicating via text on 4/25 to her then boyfriend who by the way is in Rochester, New York a call is placed to her mother Dawn Drexel.

It is when Dawn Drexel learns for the first time her daughter is not where she believed Brittanee was and the caller who is in Rochester tells her mom "Brittanee is missing." He didn't say we can't find her, no one knows where she is, he makes a statement of fact "Brittanee is missing." How does he know to say that, if he is not in Myrtle Beach? It is because after Brittanee doesn't text back he calls one of the girls (pictured above) and learns something has happened. He then repeats what he has been told by the girls to her mother. Bingo! How do they or anyone know at that point-- anything about Brittanne? It is not possible to say a person is "missing" unless, wait a minute, they have direct and absolute knowledge.

All criminal acts involve a "pattern of conduct," something I teach law enforcement and prosecutors when investigating or preparing a case. The circumstances, behavior, actions, reactions, motivating factors, before during and after an alleged crime are crucial for a successful conviction.

Now, I am certain that as "those in the know" read this or last weeks post on the case have recently been told:
"it's not going anywhere trust us"
"hey who has your back"
"not to worry it will blow over"
"too much time has passed they will never find her"
"as long as no one talks it will be okay"
"you better not talk, you know what will happen when you do"

That is not true. And trusting someone else's attorney who has THEIR interest and not yours is a mistake. And as I indicated last week, if you were among those with Brittanee you have knowledge. For the kids who were there, are you willing to trust others to be quiet? Isn't it better to call in a tip that cannot not be traced back to you or anyone who places a call with the truth to resolve this case?

Expect more information to be released on the and other media in the days ahead.

On Thursday, April 21st, Dawn Drexel, her mother, who was our studio and on the show "Time's Up" during the second hour, from 3-4 pm. To listen to re-broadcast here--:

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Anonymous said...

Why is this not being looked into by the MBPD. I have been following this case since it was reported and this is the first I have heard of the boyfriend contacting a girl she was staying with after she was no longer texting him.

Anonymous said...

for someones whose attention to detail is so intricate and whoms argument is hardly factually based consider the following, you do not know brittanee her friends or her family from a can of paint. anyones individual mannerisms cannot possibly merrit even coincidental fault to the events that transpired, the people that your attempting to wave your finger at wept and shed tears lost sleep and were deeply affected by britts dissappearence, and despite your greater good or bigger picture sharade im sure your trying to overlay attop this slander and calumy is nothing short of pouring salt in the wounds, show some respect for the kin and peers of brittanee for the people who may happen to stumble upon this "article" who actually care, please. some of the greatest people in the world are involved in uncovering the truth, keep your timorous accusations to yourself

Anonymous said...

Clearly you have touched a nerve with the kids that were in Myrtle beach with Brittanee Drexel based on the anonymous post from May 12th. I have followed this case since I saw it on one of the true crime shows...maybe 48 hours or dateline?

I never thought about it in the way you explained, but it seems like you may be right. While I do not think her boyfriend knows anything about her abduction, it does seem like at least one of the kids on that trip with her must know something. They may not be directly linked with her disappearance but they must know more than they are letting on. Based on the stories reported on television, Brittanee pulled away from they during the trip due the heavy use of drugs, so perhaps if they were to tell the police what they knew, they would get themselves into some other trouble...either with the police, their parents, or their community. They need to grow up and stop being selfish to help Brittanee's family get some closure on this case!

Anonymous said...


I did a facebook search on Brittanee's boyfriend (creepy, I know, but we need to find this girl). I found a picture of John and Brittanee and he wrote "she will always have that spot, even when I'm married, she will." Why would he say that? That sounds like he knows for sure that she's not coming home.

Anonymous said...

Did u find him on face book i have tried to but was never able to locate him, maybe he has that he does nt kniw he has

Anonymous said...

I have absolutely no clue whether her friends have anything to do with the case, and it does sound like some of their actions were suspicious, so I wouldn't rule it out, but that is a *serious* stretch to say they knew something because when her boyfriend called they said she was "missing", instead of that they couldn't find her... you do realize that missing=can't be found? It's not an official legal term, it's a word that means that you can't find something.

For example, if I can't find my shoe, I would say "my shoe is missing". Now, that doesn't mean I think I will never, ever, find my shoe, or that something horrible happened to it, or that I know for sure what actually happened to it, it means that I can't find it right now, and that is all it means.

So, as per your quote: "It is not possible to say a person is "missing" unless, wait a minute, they have direct and absolute knowledge."
Actually, YES, it is COMPLETELY POSSIBLE for someone to say that someone is missing without knowing directly or absolutely what happened to them. The term missing implies nothing other than you don't know where the person is at that time. It doesn't imply some secret or hidden knowledge by any means.

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