Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drew Peterson: Camp Marshmallow: Day # 168

Today, marks one hundred and sixty-eight days since the loving Mother and wife of former Bolingbrook seasoned Veteran crime fighter vanished.

On day, one hundred and sixty three, the country watched as Mr. Peterson and his legal marshmallow roaster made an appearance on Larry King. A well rehearsed and scripted show was no surprise. The public relations team did an excellent job with Mr. Peterson.
Coaching pre-scripted and rehearsed responses. Did you notice how Mr. Peterson spoke about Stacy in the present tense? As if she were just around the corner? Or how the public relations team coached Mr. Peterson to focus on negative comments. (by the way that is a classic offender by the text book response). Or, Mr. Peterson's other responses during most of the interview
are not unqiue to "serial offenders" in abusive relationships.

I suspect the legal roaster team thought long and hard when Mr. Peterson responded to a question about his current wife saying "Stacy loves male attention. She could be dancing someplace". Well, that shows compassion for the mother of ones children, doesn't it? And what does that really say about the character of Mr. Peterson?

And what about Larry King? Where were the important questions? Or did he too, agree for the love of ratings, to follow a script?

Questions no one seems to be asking as an example:

Mr. Peterson when is the last time you saw Stacy alive and what were you doing?

Mr. Peterson can you provide a time line for yourself on October 28, 29, 2008?

Mr. Peterson you stated that Stacy left with $25,000 in cash and a red bikini. How did Stacy leave? By a cab, Did someone pick her up? Did she call a limo service? Did she drive herself? If she drove herself she could not have gotten very far, her gas tank was nearly empty, wasn't it? The $25,000 was that in colored monopoly money from the board game or real cash? Was the money all in one hundred dollar bills?

Mr. Peterson what about her purse? Twenty-Five Thousand dollars does not all fit into a wallet, or does it? She didn't take her purse and credit cards, what do you make of that?

If you know she left with money and a bikini what time was that?

What were you doing at the time she took off? Where were the children?

Stacy did all the grocery shopping, didn't she run to the store prior to leaving for her "trip" to pick up baby diapers?

Why did you have the neighbor (who you indicate you do not like) suddenly want to watch the children? Where did you have to go in such a hurry? Didn't you also meet the stepbrother at around that time?

Why would a "troubled" person make up any kind of story about you?

Why did you ask Rick Mims to pick up Stacy's car at the airport?

Where were you went Cassandra made contact with you? Were you home? Out and about? What?

You met Thomas Morphey within twenty fours hours of Stacy vanishing, when did you call him the night before, that day. Was the meeting planned well before just to see one another?

Your so insistent that Stacy is with someone or now as you stated she could be dancing someplace, have you gone out and searched for her at various locations you think she might be?

This private investigator you hired, what exactly have you hired them for?

The investigator has had many months on this case, what have they turned up, so far?

Do they provide you with monthly reports of their progress? What have they said?

Mr. Peterson, the morning of the 28th of October, did you and Stacy have a fight or an argument? Weren't your children in the home at that time?

Mr. King and the producers failed to ask important questions. It would not have mattered if Mr. Peterson & company walked off the show.

The right thing would have been to seek the truth and that just did not happen.

That in and of itself is the tragedy!
Stacy is still missing. The website address is


Anonymous said...

Another Question :Drew Peterson where did you put Stacy?

Anonymous said...

King asked no questions on Savio wife #3. He made remarks. That was no interview we watched it was hey how you holding up, how's life talk. We watched a rehearched chimp on valium.

Anonymous said...

Boilngbrook,IL- All these people cannot be wrong. Bad luck is when a person is wrongly accused. Drew Peterson is guilty.

Anonymous said...

Have police thought about video tapes in hardware &v grocery stores? I know it's probably too late now. I was wondering if within 3 or 4 days at thew time she went missing if these things were tapped and did police investigate?
Hammond, IN

Anonymous said...

I want to know how DP sleeps at night?

Anonymous said...

How many lies did DP spin on the show? I counted 11 of them.

Joliet, IL

Anonymous said...

TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK DP...your days are so numbered!
Tell us where you dumped her already you worthless excuse for a human being!

McHenry IL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So everyone who crosses DP path is a liar and a wack job? I recall reading someplace that the court order was dismissed so DP could keep his job. He lied about that. He was going to lose his job if the order was not dismissed. Her lawyer who BTW (Savio's) can't also be lying. How come Larry King didn't question DP when he responded to the question if he ever physical abused anyone?

Anonymous said...

The attorney & his client will eventually have their day in court.

Lets see how smug the legal mind responds from a jail cell with Lavar as his cell mate holding a bar of soap for his new bit$h. Or will the client receive a private cell because if his "celebrity fame". Or would it be cause he was a cop? Will he be granted a special cell or section of a prison? Likely future media will be from a maximum security prison with Drew claiming his innocence.
That is where this is headed. Didn't we see drew wearing makeup on the show?

Petersons remarks are not in line with those made in Nov. of 2007.

Anonymous said...

I held out hope maybe the interview would take a different path until Larry King asked the first question. Is there a tv deal for a new Abuser channel in development?

Anonymous said...

Chicago-why would a guy in law enforcement keep $25,000 in cash at their house--isn't that strange. is the bikini refernce mean a dance costume? i'd like to hear the story behind that.

Anonymous said...

This little PR guru stunt,like penis envy, from Glen Selig backfired.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't LK ask Drew how many times he (Drew) called Stacy the day she disappeared? I mean, if I've got to go to work, and my spouse isn't around, I'm gonna call her cell phone, her family, her friends?

Anonymous said...

Peterson is a liar, an abuser, a murderer, and a sad excuse for a 'man'. I can't wait for the day they take him down!

Anonymous said...

DP was all open about why he was withdrawing their money so that Stacy wouldn't get to it. However not a word or responses about the Blue container that was witnessed pulled out by him and someone else out of his home and his relative helping him. I would like him to talk about the the container and explain what he did with it just like he explained what he did with his bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Sic vis pacem, para bellum -
If you want peace, prepare for war.

Anonymous said...

Atlanta, GA
Women need to get out and not look back no these behaviors are not part of "being a cop" they are however classic signs of an abuser and someone that wont let go. Peterson would not let go he followed and stalked her.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for Drew-who were the hand signals for while you were on L.K. the future Mrs. Peterson -How old is this one 15. Is she deaf is that why you tugged at your ear.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Larry King for copying hosting the °National Enquirer°.

Palo Alto, C A

Anonymous said...

Larry King had the perfect guest he blew it. I enjoyed the lawyers taking IT was better then interview.

Mt Prospect

Anonymous said...

When will the state regulatory board for IL lawyers investigate Brodsky? Seems he can charged on the case for violating ethics and practice?

Anonymous said...

Brodsky's been quoting something on an earlier post that you put out as legal gospel.(nice touch) You should be flattered the bozo is reading your blogs and has no time to do his own research. Gee don't they have staff or interns and that law firm?

Anonymous said...

Peterson actd like he was doing the world a favor. Hey who is the suspect. And where is the concern for his wife?

Anonymous said...

"Larissa Schuster was convicted of murdering her husband Timothy in 2003 and putting his body in a blue barrel filled with acid."

Can DNA survive hydrochloric acid? Is Illinois State Police as competent as California County Police? Missing person reports were filed immediately in both cases, but one found the body within a few days while another didn't start searching until much later.

Stacy Peterson may have already been found, but the police may not know she's found, because all they have is melted sludge.

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