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Loving Mother's Case Four Years and Counting: Rachel Conger

Pictured above is Rachel Conger Her life was abruptly interrupted on March 13, 2008.

Rachel Conger  was abducted by her estranged husband Paul.  Rachel was finally leaving her abusive life. She returned to the marital home for some final items before embarking on her journey to a life without abuse.

In a tragic twist of events, her estranged husband Paul was found three days later with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. Prior to the coward committing suicide, he likely murderedRachel Conger, his wife of ten years.

Now, her daughter Amber works day and night to find her mother. She has held fundraisers, created and passed out flyers, and has held a number of fundraising events in Paris, TN. Amber also has t-shirt's for purchase and a web site to bring her mother home.

While most kids spent their holiday's with their parent(s) going on vacation, planning activities or  just hanging out together, Amber Simmons raise's money during the year to pay for professional search teams to comb the area where her mother was taken by Paul Conger.
Details of Disappearance from the CUE Center :

Rachel was last seen in Paris, Tennessee on March 13, 2008. She was riding with her husband, Paul, in his gray 2000 Ford F-150 pickup truck at the time. The couple were having marital problems and Rachel had moved out two months before, but they were trying to reconcile. At 9:33 a.m., an acquaintance called Rachel’s cellular phone. Paul answered and seemed upset. The caller was unable to speak to Rachel. At 10:20 a.m., a witness saw Paul at his home alone. He drove there, stayed only a few minutes, and then drove away again. Rachel has never been heard from again.
Paul disappeared at the same time Rachel did. Their loved ones became concerned and contacted authorities, who began searching for them. Police found Paul’s truck near his home on March 15. Rachel’s cellular phone, wallet and medication were inside it. On March 16, authorities located Paul’s body in the woods off Briarpatch Lake Road, about 500 yards from his home and near where the truck had been recovered. He had shot himself. There was no sign of Rachel at the scene and an extensive search of the area turned up no indication of her whereabouts.
Investigating Agency

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Henry County Sheriff’s Department
Sheriff Monte Belew or (retired) Investigator Mike Smothers
(731) 642-1672

This year’s 8th annual conference, 
“In Support of the Journey” is slated for March 22-25 in Wilmington, NC and registration is available on the CUE Center website: CLICK HERE  for complete details on classes, speakers and registration.

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