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Tuesday, May 17, 9pmET

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The Disappearance of Hope Danielle Meek

Details of Disappearance
Meek resided on Section Line Road in Valliant, Oklahoma with her husband and their three young children. Her husband told authorities that he saw Meek inside their home during the day on February 21, 2002. She has never been heard from again. She not reported missing for five days.

Authorities stated that it is uncharacteristic of Meek to leave without warning. Her 1995 Chevrolet pickup truck, her car keys, her eyeglasses and her cellular phone were discovered inside of her house after she went missing. She has failed to contact her children since her disappearance. Meek’s husband filed for divorce from her fifteen days after her disappearance, and received custody of their children.

Meek worked as a jailer at the time of her disappearance; she was in charge of escorting prisoners from their cells to court appearances. Her case remains unsolved.

Joining us will be the sister of Hope Meek and Michigan Prosecutor, Donna Pendergast.

Searching For John Spira

John Spira, a well-known local businessman and blues musician, known as “Chicago Johnny,” has now been missing for more than three years.

Authorities say the investigation into his disappearance has grown cold. However, seven months after he went missing in February 2007, the business Spira owned for more than a decade suddenly burned to the ground.

Additionally, a large missing person billboard hung by his family and friends across the street from the office a few days before the fire was torn down. The replacement sign, police say, was also forcibly removed.

However, seven months after he went missing, the business Spira owned for more than a decade suddenly burned to the ground.

Joining us will be John Spira’s sister, Stephanie and Reporter, Joe Hosey.

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