Saturday, February 12, 2011

Times' Up: Let's Find John Morris

On July 30th, 2007, John Morris, 37 years of age, was last seen standing at the end of the driveway at this house on Whites Ferry Road in Dickerson, Maryland.

No one really knows for sure if John Morris had made arrangements to go out for the day or, got in a fight with his then live-in boyfriend Jack Whitescarver.

Intimate partner violence is not gender specific. John Morris was a gay man, in an abusive relationship for over 14 years before vanishing off the face of the earth. John was a successful artist, his paintings sought by collectors world-wide. He lived and breathed his work.

As many in the gay community understand, crimes such as John's are often ignored, never properly investigated, just because of a persons life choices. John's significant other told police, "John just took off." The home where he lived was never searched and the person who, in my opinion, holds the answers was never named as a suspect or person of interest. A case is still unsolved, still cold, in a dark drawer of a file cabinet. The life of John Morris has a hell of lot more value than that and I am asking those in the gay community to help. His mother has been trying to get attention from the public since her son vanished.

Unfortunately, until it happens to someone we know or it affects us directly, people look away, believing it cannot happen to them. I thought the same thing until my involvement in a case of intimate partner violence and homicide in 1989. My mother had been a victim, just like John Morris. No one believed her because she was married to a decorated Chicago violent crimes detective. She died because people refused to help and believe her life was in jeopardy. Since then, I have worked to keep others safe, or assist in finding those who lost their lives and remain missing as a result of intimate partner homicide.

A mother sits by her phone and waits for the call that someone has reported a tip and his remains have been found, or that they have information on what happened to John. No one should have to suffer and live with the unknown. John Morris deserves justice. I am asking for your help.

The gay community in Maryland and Washington DC has the ability to assist in this case. They can put missing persons posters in their businesses, community centers and on websites and social network pages.

For more information please visit the CUE Center for Missing Persons HERE

John Morris would be 42-years-old now. He has two tattoos: one of a snake on his right forearm and another of a scorpion on his left shoulder. Officials are asking anyone with information to please contact them immediately or the CUE Center 1-910-232-1687

If you have information about the whereabouts of John Morris, Jr. please call Detective Stephens in the Montgomery County 5th District Investigative Section at 240-773-6239.

John James Morris- Missing Person case- Susan Murphy Milano Show.
CUE Center For Missing Persons Founder-Monica Caison and the mother of John James Morris discuss the case of John James Morris Jr.

[Officers went to the home to check on Morris' welfare after a neighbor saw him standing in his driveway. When police got there, Morris was gone, but his white pickup truck bearing New Jersey tags was still there.
John has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He had no medication for depression with him when he left.
John Morris has never been seen or heard from since.]

To view the aerial view of entire property on Whites Ferry Road...Click Here

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