Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big City Girl Stems Tide of Corruption in Garvin County, Oklahoma!

Steve Brooks’ long term strangle hold on local politics was not enough to overcome the stain of blatant corruption and injustices to the families of The Garvin County Three, Sheila Deviney, Chanda Turner, and Tom Horton.

The big city girl’s illuminating tactics brought forth undisputed facts, revealing what really happened in Garvin County during the reign of the former Sheriff.

Joe Turner, father of Chanda Turner, called moments ago, “God is Great! We have a new Sheriff! Thank you, Susan!”

Tune in Wednesday, November 3, at 4pm Eastern, for an update with the mothers of Sheila Deviney and Chanda Turner on The Susan Murphy Milano Show, "Time's Up!" on Here Women Talk ( broadcast on the Zeus Radio Network and later Susan will be with Dr. Laurie Roth on The Roth Show from 6-8pm Eastern, ( to discuss this victory further!

Tune in to both shows for all the latest news!


Okla Mom said...

Thank you Susan! God IS great! Strange Sheriff Rhodes winning numbers are the numbers in Chanda's birth date and Garvin county elected Sheriff Rhodes on Sheila's birthday.

jayemendros said...

Thank you for all your help, Susan! Brighter days are surely ahead for Garvin County - and let's remember there is no statute of limitations on murder. Let's see what happens now!

HugeCatLover said...

This is absolutely precious. Thank God for Angels like Ms. Milano and Ms. Mendros, Esquire. Without them, our voices and our stories would continue to be silenced through the corruption in OK.

notMYdaughter said...

Susan, I am so inspired reading the stories of Chanda and Sheila's Mothers and their relentless persuit of justice for their daughters. I'm curious...what can be done to raise awareness for Mothers raising sons? I have a hard time believing that noone knew these men (as boys) had violent tendencies toward women. Couldn't something be done to preempt this evolution into an abusive husband/boyfriend. Protect our daughters!!

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