Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oklahoma: "The Garvin County Three"

Here in Oklahoma, a light beam is finally shining for the families of Sheila Deviney, Tom Horton and Chanda Turner. For each of the "Garvin County Three" this has been a journey laced with cover-up and corruption. From politicians screaming foul ball when their names are mentioned in the same sentence with these cases, to investigators and law enforcement continuing to shield those still on the force with first hand knowledge of blatant criminal and illegal conduct on all 3 cases, because the brotherhood of the badge is an unspoken code here in Gavin County, Oklahoma, as it is elsewhere.

My time here has been spent going over existing evidence and gathering new evidence in each case. None of which would be possible without the efforts of attorney Jaye Mendros ( and Shannon Kile (, both who have paved the way long before I arrived. For each of these families they have been the heartbeat and hope for justice.

I can say, with conviction, Sheila Deviney, Tom Horton and Chanda Turner, were murdered. My work has never been about the court of public opinion, from the moment I discovered my own mothers body in 1989, my mission was to present just the facts, resulting in justice.

That is all any of "The Garvin County Three" are asking for, justice.

The video of Chanda Turner below is but a small glimpse of what you will hear and see in the coming months.

Imagine for a moment what it took for her parents Joe and Donna Turner to photo from the casket bruises on their daughter's body. Look closely at her bruised and burn marked hands. Chanda Turner fought back with every fiber of her soul to stay alive. Chanda Turner was murdered in cold blood. As a community and a nation, fighting for the truth is the least we can do!

Press Conference:


Anonymous said...

As a resident here I am disgusted for what is happening. Nothing will bring them back. Showing unity and publicly saying enough and supporting the family is what we all need to do.

Prayers to the Deviney, Turner and the Hortons.

HugeCatLover said...

Susan Murphy Milano is an Angel. May God bless her and watch out for her as she blazes the trail for the justice these three families never received.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work you are doing for the Chanda Turner case. Finally, someone has given a voice that can be heard for Chanda!
Chanda always defended those who weren't strong enough to defend themselves. Thank you for standing up for her when she couldn't stand on her own.
The corruption in Garvin County has a shot now of getting cleaned up. Keep up the fight!

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