Friday, January 8, 2010

Rejection Ends in Murder?

After ending her marriage three years ago to what sources indicate was a violent and abusive relationship Melissa Bridgewater moved on with her life.

Over this past Christmas Melissa received a present from her ex-husband. He was offering a peace gesture in hopes the couple would get back together.

When she would not accept the gift, it only added fuel to his rage. Like so many of these "cowardly lions" who feel as though a dagger has been thrown at their non-existent feelings Jerry Hudson was going to get back at his ex-wife once and for all.

After a night of celebration of ringing in the New Year at the Doubletree Hotel in Oakbrook, IL, her cell phone rang and allegedly it was Jerry Hudson on the other end interrogating Melissa demanding to know who was there with her. Hudson then "lured her out to the parking lot on a ruse that he was actually at her home in Bolingbrook" and destroying her property, according to the State's Attorney's Office.

As she tried to leave the hotel parking lot Melissa struck by another car and boxed in and greeted with a blaze of gunfire. She was shot a total of 5 times. Police say Jerry Hudson was in a rented car and his image was captured in a photo as he went through a toll booth shortly after the shooting.

Police obtained a search warrant for Hudson's residence. They located a note.

"She used me for 20 years I don't need to suffer anymore"

The note police found alleged Hudson planned to kill her and then commit suicide:

"She Has Taken My Manhood."

On Tuesday, with his attorney, Hudson turned himself into police. In a statement made by his lawyer he said "the note doesn't mean Hudson killed his former wife." And goes on to say he cared for her deeply and that a note doesn't prove anything."

A violent abuser will stop at nothing to have control one last time. Melissa Bridgewater was reacting because Hudson said he was calling from inside her home and destroying it. Her immediate response got her killed.

In my opinion, Melissa should have contacted police and asked that a car be sent to the home and had a police report filed on the incident. Then she should have remained in the hotel room until she was absolutely certain of her ex-husbands location. But, like so many victims whom fall prey to these cowards words, she had the sense of feeling safe and secure. Like my mother often remarked, "I am free from him and I don't have to be afraid anymore." My mother's new residence is the same as Melissa Bridgewater's, the cemetary!

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