Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Justice Prevailed"

Rebecca McEvoy was raped and sodomized by her Step- father, Police Officer Bob Ingel. Rebecca McEvoy age 11, lost her life in a fatal car accident on the way to testify for the 3rd time as to the rape, and sexual assault she suffered at this predators hands.

Over a two year period the trial started and stopped like a car without any gas because Rebecca was unable to face her accuser in court. The defense lawyers were citing the "Crawford" case out of Ohio. That says “you have the constitutional right to cross examine your accuser” and because the girl was dead and unable to testify, there was a chance the Judge could throw out the case. But Assistant District Attorney, Steven Giardini was determined to make Rebecca’s case the exception because she had already been before a grand jury on two separate occasions and given her testimony.

It took great courage for this child to come forward and disclose the brutal sexual assaults committed by a person whom was not only living in her home, but, he was a cop with a badge and a gun.

On Tuesday, the trial resumed, the courtroom was packed with friends and family who for months had been ordered by the court to remain silent. Family members were prohibited by the courts from speaking to the media or releasing information and new developments on the case via the Internet or on blogs.

An hour or so before the trial began, Bob Ingle, who faced life in prison if convicted, turned down a plea deal, by the prosecutors. In my opinion, this dangerous and abusive sexual predator believed from day one he would never see the inside of a prison cell and walk free.

Late Wednesday both the defense and the state rested their case. The jury deliberated only a couple of hours before they returned the verdict of guilty!

While on earth Rebecca McEvoy suffered a “hell” no child should have to endure. But, this brave little girl did just that from the moment she came forward and told the world, enough.

From the heaven’s the angels sounded their horns and for Rebecca McEvoy, justice prevailed!


Barbara Woods said...

I followed this case back from juror 13 and levi Page's show. I prayed the courts would bring justice on this case.

I was overjoyed for Rebecca and her faith. Prayer is a powerful tool.

Good Bless You and the work you are doing for so many victims.

Tanya T. Warrington said...

It is a blessing to hear of a case where justice prevailed. Thank you for writing about it. It encourages me to keep on praying.

Anonymous said...

God's justice is better then man's justice. The day of the sentencing Bob L. Ingle was found dead in his bathroom, shot in the head.

Ingle traded prison for hell.

Becca McEvoy's family was sad that he chose that path but also relieved he can no longer hurt little girls.

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