Thursday, December 3, 2009

Skin Color Played A Major Role in Murder Case?

There appears to be a lot of excuses from law enforcement as to why Jahmeshia Connor's abduction case was given little attention, unless you call stapling flyers on a board near the bathroom of CPD's favorite donut shop an active investigation.

Chicago police insist there is a an age limit of ten years old and younger. But I know for a fact if it was a politician’s child or someone well known in the community an all points bulletin would have been issued.

The missing child was over the age of 10 and with so many kids who go missing each year for authorities despite the fact this is not a child who would just “vanish” they did not issue the Amber alert or contact the media. Perhaps it was because she lived in a part of town where criminal activity is commonplace. The fact is that like so many other missing African American children Jahmeshia was born with the wrong color skin.

She did not stand a chance at survival because no one was looking for her.

Chicago Police did not appear to take the report of this missing child seriously, even after family members pleaded with them to look for the girl, insisting she was not a runaway. Now there is a killer at large waiting for his next victim.

Sadly, it is cost prohibitive to wait until a body of an africian american child is discovered 15 days later, dumped like trash. The only expense to the city was the coroner and his assistant, a couple officers who draped a few hundred feet of canary yellow crime tape and spent two hours on the crime scene, an hour henpecking out a report, and the gas it took to drive over to the alley. Oh wait, the body bag- that is an expense isn’t it?


The Rilya Alert said...

Where is the outcry from all races? This is going on tooooo long. Enough is Enough!

Anonymous said...

Police officers jobs are to arrest those committing crimes. In my opinion they are the ones committing crimes by not doing there job in taking every avenue to find these children. A human life is a human life and these children are sacred. Lets step it up!

Delilah said...

By supporting the passage of HR 3695 The Help Find the Missing Act(Billy's Law) agencies will be mandated to follow procedures that will ensure missing persons reports are taken and entered into national data bases in a timely manner.

Yes, enough is enough, but we now have a chance to step up as "fed up" citizens and do something to make a change.

Go, sign up to support, follow up with phone calls and make sure your local politicians are on board to get this bill passed into LAW! It's very simple!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the more shocking missing child cases I have seen.
No police agency took the time to enter her missing status into NCMEC. No police agency even did a media report to the newspapers.
As far as I can tell, no law enforcement agency took the time to let family know how to contact missing persons sites.
If she was not seen entering a car, then there would not be an amber alert, but most states have a state wide alert system for missing children that amber alert criteria do not fit into.
I did not know of this case until she was found deceased.
The only positive thing I can think of about this is maybe her death will provide a change in the system.
I can hope.

queen unique said...

RIVETING. This is a great article, thanks a million for highlighting this. Wish there were many others like you... RIP to another one of OUR daughters & condolences to her loved ones.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad to say but it is probably because of her skin color. The police believe that 99% of our children run away but still if that is true they are in danger people prey on them and there insecurities. No matter how we look at it the police failed this little girl and her family. The police need to do their job not make rash decision and hope the child turn up they need to be more compassion what if it was your daughter what would you do turn the city upside down. The community and the news should have had this missing child information every where. I live in Philadelphia and I know first hand how they treat endangered youth if you the parent don't push the envelope no one will. So we have to continue to be a voice for children and put fire under the police departments, congress and at this point the white house our children whether black/white/beige deserve to be treated with Urgency!

La Faith LLC said...

This is Very Sad! What the hell is going on in this World call Earth!!! It's getting crazy and ugly by the second... Enough is Enough and it's Time For A Big Change. The police dept. you need to be accountable for your Action and paid whatever price there is for not doing your Damn Job correct. I think it's time to look into all Police Depts. and make sure they all will do their Damn Job from this day forward. Now don't get it twisted and I'm not saying they all are not doing their job. But, lately many people are not doing their Damn Job. Whenever a person is reported missing. All red tape must be followed correct "PERIOD" no matter what color they are. Look around what do you see in this day in time, Nothing but a lot of hurting, sadness, jobless, homeless, killing, abuse, and a lot more crazy BS. This child and many others life could have been saved if WE All Start Doing Our Damn JOBS!!!

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