Monday, October 12, 2009

Drew Peterson's latest "Hemorrhodial Discharge"

For several weeks news surfaced that former ex-wife Vicki Connolly (once married to Drew Peterson) and step-daughter Lisa Ward had planned to write a book about the former Bolingbrook Sergeant now behind bars for allegedly murdering wife #3 Kathleen Savio. Officially, the announcement was made by Lisa Ward on ABC’s Good Morning America program.

Similar to a “hemorrihodial discharge” the legal team representing Peterson quickly had their media dispatchers issue a press release pertaining to the “private correspondence” that my favorite legal marshmallow roaster sent to Connolly, Ward and USA Today Journalist and Co-author, Michelle LeFort. Detailed information and news on the entire Peterson case(s) can be found over at Justice CafĂ©.

The press release included the demands likely sent via certified letter to all 3 women-below is a synopsis:

"As I assume that Ms. Ward and Ms. Connolly are not aware, Ms. Michelle LeFort had entered into a written contract to collaborate and co-write a book about the life story of Drew Peterson from Mr. Peterson’s perspective in February of 2008. Ms. LeFort breached her agreement and then withdrew from this collaboration agreement in March of 2008. In withdrawing from the collaboration agreement, Ms. LeFort agreed that any work she did concerning the life story of Drew Peterson belonged to her collaborating author, who still owns those rights."Therefore if such a book is written, shown, marketed, or published, this office will pursue vigorous legal action to protect and enforce our clients rights."We demand that Ms. Ward and Ms. Connolly cease and desist from working with Ms. LeFort regarding any part of the life story of Drew Peterson, and we further demand that Ms. LeFort cease and desist from any project which concerns the life story of Drew Peterson."
The letter concludes with “Ms. Ward and Ms. Connolly are absolutely free to tell their story, just not with Ms. LeFort as the author.”

The first question I have is why release this in the first place? The correspondence was obviously private and if the Co-Author is in some type of contractual dispute the lawyers can either work it out or file suit in a court of law before a judge, not the public.

Given the alleged abuse that step-daughter Lisa Ward endured, she, like so many others, are often silenced and paralyzed for years after being victimized. It's no surprise to me, as a former police officers daughter growing up in a violent household and working with thousands of abuse cases for more than 20 years, that she would wait until now to talk.

Think about it for a moment. Drew Peterson has been a free man since Kathleen Savio’s death. It would be 18 months and a lot of chicken wings later, before the Will County State’s Attorney’s office received an indictment from a grand jury to charge Peterson. In May of 2009 he is charged and arrested for Kathleen’s murder. If I am a victim I would immediately think that the person who allegedly harmed me is going to make bail and be released back out onto to the streets. So I would wait a bit as many victims have to be sure that the individual cannot harm them before they attempt to come forward.

Years ago I was involved in a case where a woman by the name of Gail McGrew was shot 5 times in the Fine Arts Building in downtown Chicago and survived. Little did we know while she was recovering that the offender had committed murder 5 years prior in the State of Ohio. He escaped during extradition, changed his name and moved to Chicago and met Gail a couple years later. Gail believed because he escaped before he could do it again. Fearing for her life and living with permanent disability after the shooting she felt if he came after her she would not be able to get away, again. I know this sounds crazy but in a clever move she married him just long enough to be sure that he would be behind bars forever. When she knew for certain that he would never escape again, she divorced him.

In my opinion, Lisa Ward and her mother remained silent until it was safe for them to come forward. Stacy Peterson and Kathleen Savio will never have that opportunity. But, if this continues to keep Stacy and Kathleen in the news then those who attempt to discredit and try every voice that comes forward, I say Bravo!


Orland Park, IL said...

Great Post! I hope Droopy stay right where he's at in jail

Gerald Seigler IL said...

I read where the trial will stay in Will County & think its will be difficult to find a panel a juror's who have not followed this case unless they live in cave. The attorney will file an appeal immediately upon a verdict. I believe its about fame and money for this wacko laywer and not about justice. He seems to have a lot to gain for the next twenty years or to legal throw mud. Oh well Your title made me laugh!

Michelle Says So said...

I'm glad people are starting to come out. He is going to fry...a cop in prison. I hope they throw him in with the gen pop!

Anonymous said...

I am glad she came forward.

Drew Peckerless and his puckering Preparation H attorney are being true to form.

Arrogant and controlling.

Maybe more of his victim's will come forward.

Great Post!

Anonymous said...

Susan, love the clever title! I so hope someone calls out Brodsky on his latest threat. Just what Drew Peterson needs is more legal fees tact on to his growing legal defence fees.

Brodsky is intimidating people from speaking out. His actions may cause more harm than good for his client. Not the smartest move by a publicist unless ones true goal is to stir up the media, so Brodsky can get some air time, skirting around Judge White's order.

Rockford, IL said...

If Stacy did not disappear no one would have been the wiser to D.P's sick, twisted and evil career criminal activities. How many others did he harm? I don't believe the public has a clue.

A criminal with a badge is a disgrace to all L.E.O's.

Anonymous said...
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