Monday, September 21, 2009

Running From Pain

(While Susan is away this week we will continue to bring you interesting and thought provoking insight from other sites. And if you have a moment check out Susan’s post at Women In Crime Ink titled “Justice Before Mercy”)

Today's Post is from the site:

Why do we try to avoid facing the pain of abuse? How does denial serve us?I think that we fear the pain. We're afraid that if we face the pain it will destroy us or destroy our world as we know it.

I can remember fearing that if I stepped out of denial I would never stop crying or I might get so angry I might do something crazy. I feared I could not handle the truth. I feared that I could not survive what the truth would do to my primary relationships.Fear was my captor. I was its slave. I didn't directly face my pain, but my pain leaked out anyway.

I lived in a fuzzy fog. I did and said strange things to try to maintain the lies. I was rarely aware of sadness, but I was just as muted with happiness. I rarely laughed with true joy or happiness. I rarely cried. I was mostly numb. I told others and myself that I was "fine" or "okay." I survived. I was a bound prisoner of fear, stumbling along without hope in my eyes, dragging my chains of fear along. Not a good way to live. Have you been there? Are you in that place of mere survival right now?

There is a better way. Facing the pain of abuse does not destroy us. The enemy of our souls reinforces this fear--but it is a lie. Facing our pain ultimately strengthens and frees us. Abuse cannot freely continue in the face of truth. Abuse ends when the light is shone on it or when victims get help and leave the abusive situation. Abuse derives power from instilling and reinforcing fear; abusers lose power when the victim's desire for freedom becomes greater than her or his fear. And this better way is not a journey we must do alone.

God can strengthen us beyond our wildest imaginings. God can help us to face truth and find hope. God can lead us out of abuse. God can use other people to help us first climb out of abuse and then recover from abuse. God can heal us over time--transforming us into joyous people of strength and hope who walk in Him through all the trials of life.

To learn more about the Author Tanya Warrington just Click.

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